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    Myths and facts about left-handed People.

    I have read somewhere in the news that the kids who are born underweight have 50% chances that they become left-handers. My brother and sister- in -law both are left-handers. Here are a few myths about left-handers:

    # It's said that they are more creative than right-handers.
    # Left-handers are more intelligent.
    # Lefties may be more likely to experience serious mental health disorders.
    # Lefties may have more sleep problems.

    I don't agree with this as I have lots of friends who are left-handers. How many of you agree with these myths?.
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    The myths that are mentioned here cannot be measured in any way. Different studies are carried out at different times among a certain group of people and from those studies, some conclusions are derived.

    I think these are all myths because if it were real they could have been circulated widely. I have a few friends who are left-handers but haven't noticed these traits in them.


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    I can explain why people might think lefties are more creative. The left side of the body is controlled by right side of brain, and the right hemisphere of our brain takes care of artistic personality of us. We know this because the right side is stimulated when you experience a piece of art. So one would imagine a leftie to be more creative. This however is not quite true. I have teachers as lefties and they are the least to say not very creative. But saying lefties are intelligent is not right. There is no scientific evidence of sleep and mental disorders in prevalence in them too. Some of these myths can be born because of the discrimination we had in past with lefties. Lefties were even executed at witch trials in some cities. Many considered them to be evil. To be honest, scientists still can't particularly pinpoint when did humans develop a dominant limb. But we know even monkeys, cows and other hands have dominant limbs. Being a righty or a leftie is no big deal.
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    As these postulations are not backed by scientific studies they are termed as myths. There are many myths in various areas in our life. Some people believe in them firmly while others simply reject them.

    If anything is of dubious nature and can not be digested rationally or logically it is categorised under myths.

    Many myths are based on some statistical observations and taken as correct though the reality is somewhat different. When people of same calibre try something but only a few of them get the success then it is customary to say that they are lucky. It is a belief based on the observations and next time they might not be so lucky.

    I remember one incidence that when first level promotion was announced for our batch (in which about 37 persons were there) only 12 people qualified and my name was not there. My family members felt that injustice was done to me as for them I was the best in the lot! They felt some manipulations in that. Anyway, after two years I also got promotion and joined those 12 people. Now in the new level we were about 260 people in the lot and after 3 years when the second level promotions were announced only 24 candidates were promoted and I was one of them. So I covered the initial loss and in fact gained significantly by that time.

    At that time my family had the opinion that there were no manipulations in our organisation and merit was honoured!

    So in essence we deduce things as per our observations and do not think logically in line with the truth of the matter.

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    In our area people say that we shouldn't believe any left handed person. There is a poem written to that extent in Telugu. But I feel these are all assumptions and no proof for all. All the left handed persons need not be of same type. This is a habit which comes by their practice. When somebody starts using their left if the parents tries to correct them and makes them to use right hand, the child will get corrected. My elder son used to use his left hand but myself and my wife tried and we are successful in making him to use right hand.
    I feel this habit is nothing do with the intelligence, sleep, creativity and health disorders. Probably somebody by conducting a small survey might have made these conclusions.

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    People fabricate myths regarding any thing which is different from the usual like left handed, bald person, short person etc. I think they are all the product of imagination and conjecture. We should not believe them. They are simply affecting the minds of gullible people who take it on their face value.
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    @Dr. Rao, it is not suggested medically to force a child to adapt to his/her non-dominant hand. Though your child is already a grown up, I suggest doing some basic research and probably talking to a doctor so you understand the difficulties you push a child into by forcing this.

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