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    How many of you have cooking as a hobby?

    Cooking was always thought to be the responsibility area of the housewives and other family members always demanded the dishes on the dining table.

    With the ladies of the family also starting to go out for the jobs, the situation started to change and other family members were forced to do their bit also in the kitchen. Though still it was not compulsory for them and those who could afford, in fact, hired the servants for this.

    In some families, some members as a hobby participate in the kitchen work to learn and try the dishes not on a regular basis but to have satisfaction of fulfilling their hobby.

    Do you also have cooking as a hobby? If yes, how many times you experiment new dishes or repeat old dishes in a month?

    I request the male members as well as the female members where servants are engaged for cooking in the latter case to respond. Please give your comments and opinion also.
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    Sorry. Cooking cannot be a hobby. It is a need for survival.
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    Cooking is not a need for survival. Food is the need for survival. Birds, animals and other living things except human beings consume uncooked food and survive. As human beings wanted tasty, quality and variety food, they have started cooking. We eat many foods uncooked. Fruits, vegetables, milk can be consumed without heating or cooking also.
    if we go through our old Puranas, more males are famous as good cooks. Bhima and Nala are two examples. Even these days where the quantity is high, we know males are involved. In many restaurants and caterers, we will see many male cooks. So we can't say that cooking is only for ladies.
    As far as I am concerned I used to cook food myself during my PhD days. Later after some time my sisters, brothers and my mother's sister joined me so the cooking job has been shifted to them. But occasionally I was cooking at my house. But from the last 5 years, I stopped doing that. If necessary even now I can do the cooking.

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    Dr. Rao,
    We human being are different from animal being. We should never compare ourselves with the animals and their way of life. God has provided us a lot many things to eat. We have a kitchen to cook. Do the animals have a kitchen?

    Cooking is an essential part of our life. Why do we have rice, wheat, dal, pulses, vegetables etc? Can we eat them raw? Whereas birds animals can eat them raw. It cannot be a hobby for any men or women.

    @I agree that food is the need for survival for all, but cooked food is the need for happy survival of human being.

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    I am a homemaker, so cooking is a part of my duties. So, I would opine that sometimes it becomes quite mundane, and sometimes a burden. I feel the pressure of it especially when I have writing assignments. Still, I would like to say that every now and then I love to add some change in the dishes I prepare. Even try new recipes because I love to challenge myself so that I don't get bored, and my family gets pleasure in eating.
    So, it is my hobby too to try something new and spring a surprise for the family. Cooking is my routine job so one may not expect it to be a hobby, but for me trying a new recipe is certainly a hobby.


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    People may not like to cook regularly but it is a great hobby for some of us. In this world today there is a flood of junk foods and adulterated edible items in the market and people are getting various ailments due to the consumption of the street food where hygiene is a big issue.

    In such a circumstances if someone can cook oneself the clean and tasty food in his home then nothing that like and that is where this hobby is a positive offshoot.

    During my active service I was posted in the remotest parts of our country where even the good hotel food was a dream and under that circumstance I picked up basic culinary methods to satisfy my appetite. The knowledge and skill gained remained with me as a hobby and today sometime just for a change I prepare some dish with some modifications here and there and if it comes nicely I can even send it for publication in various internet sites like ISC. In fact a few times I did that.

    Any activity as a hobby is a joy forever. Some of us are enjoying our submission of creative writing in ISC. It is also a hobby.

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    For a few cooking is a hobby but for most of us, cooking is a basic requirement. I dont like cooking but I used to do it when I was not married. So it was not a hobby for me. These days when women are working to then its wrong for us to always hold them responsible for cooking. No doubt these days women just do the formality of cooking unlike the ladies of the past who used to devote most of their time in the kitchen preparing new dishes.

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    Although cooking is not included in my hobbies list, I hereby proudly(!) declare that I can prepare various items. I can prepare tea and coffee, cook rice. I can also prepare mashed potatoes and boiled eggs. I am proud of my knowledge of cooking as detailed above.
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    Cooking is not a hobby but is an Art. A good perseverance and involvement is necessary for a real cooking.
    Famous Chef Venkatesh told once in a meeting that a cook is totally devoting himself while cooking and thereby he brings a great taste to eaters. He further told that the dosa made by house person as mother or wife or sister is superior in taste than a dosa made in Hotel as the person preparing the same with intention of particularity which is missing in Hotels as the dosa maker does not know for whom he is making the dosa.
    We ourselves can make a small test while cooking. If we heat a milk with less interest we definitely waste the milk by overboiling or spilling.

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