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    Election Agenda and Manifesto

    Dear Members, Till the time I understand what is politics, I have seen before the election all political parties declare there future agenda and the work they are going to do for citizens, but most of them fail either due to intentionally or due to any other reason. But again in the next election why Voter trusts them, Is it because we do not have any other choice, or people love to have small bribe during election time.
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    Another thought provoking thread & perhaps the below link would suffice to some more understanding on the subject & understanding,

    How would you rate the Indian voters from your experience?

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    The memory of Indian voters is very less. They will forget the issues very fast. So whatever they get today is all that they think. They want free sops. They don't bother about the development of the country. They want some free items, subsidies and reservations. They want free food but not a way to earn their food. This has become an advantage to the politicians. They announce various schemes which will be of a little help to the voter but will be more beneficial to them. They go by caste, creed and other issues than by merits and demerits of the politicians and their parties. Based on these politicians are planning their journey also. They get more benefits than a voter. But in India, the main sufferer is the taxpayer. He has to struggle whole life, pay tax to the government and suffer himself. People are interested in the money and other perks they will be given by the political parties during the elections.
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    It is very true that voters have a feeble memory. They forget the earlier assurances and fall prey to the new announcements. It seems most of the voters are a gullible lot. They can be taken for a ride easily.

    The politicians take advantage of this thing and take mileage out of it.

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    Indian voters are still not mature. They vote on the basis of caste, community, religion, language as well as the dogmatic view. Even worse, some of them sell their votes in lieu of country liquor, blanket or a dhoti/lungi. Who bothers about political parties' promises or manifesto?

    Indian democracy will have a long way to go to become mature. Only then politicians will think about the voters.

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    Every time the same story is repeated. The same promises never to be addressed to. The same assurances never to be attempted to. The same consolations never to be performed later.

    This is the status of the contestants fighting for the top most political positions of the country and we the gullible voters are expecting that they will do a lot of things and soon we will be dwelling in an utopia.

    This is really a unfortunate scenario that manifests are only for the purpose of documentary evidences to the lapses in future. On the contrary no manifesto is a better scheme in that case.

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    Most of the public of India are of the view - Whether it is Ram or Ravan? Let anyone rule. What difference does it make to the public? People have no time to think about the good, better or the best. They can digest any party that comes to power. All politicians are same. There is no good political party or bad political party. All are one party to have their share for five years. It is a sharing party with false promises.
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