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    Childhood moments give sweet memories.

    As children, we may be doing some naughty deeds which will be fun for us but those acts might give some troubles to our elders. Every one of us will have some such incidents which we will remember for long and we feel glad recollecting those moments.

    During my childhood days, we used to spend the holidays with my grandparents. We used to visit them three to four times a year for Pongal holidays, Summer holidays and Dasara holidays etc. We used to have many friends there and we used to spend a lot of time with them. After a gap of 40 years, today I met three of those friends and we four sat for almost five hours together. We recollected those old days and we shared our memories. This has taken me back to those days and I am feeling delighted.

    I wanted to share the joy with all ISC members and also interested in knowing their feelings about such things.
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    Very nostalgic post by the author. It is good that he has shared it with us. The joy of sitting and chatting with old buddies, I can not describe the pleasant feelings one will have during that rendezvous.

    The childhood memories are full of descriptions, emotions and excitements. The old friends will sit together and talk overlapping with each other for continuously for a long time only to be stopped by the late night or other urgent engagements.

    This happens with everyone when one gets an opportunity to meet the childhood friends.

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    It's always fun to meet old friends. Everyone is not lucky like you as I could never meet my old school friends. I remember when we passed my school in 1993 we all promised that we will meet at least once a year but due to the fast and busy life we could not do it and now after 25 years few of us are in contact but it's very rare we visit each other.

    I understand how much happy you may be feeling after you have met your old friends. I wish I too could do that.


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    Meeting childhood friends after a gap of time is a matter of great happiness as we can rekindle the old time memories and enjoy with them. The freedom to talk and ease to behave with childhood friends is tremendous and we can not get such liberty anywhere in the world.
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    Born in a village, studied in a town, worked outside Tamilnadu, and now I am settled in a different town in Tamilnadu. I have no childhood friends to meet except one who is in Chennai. Whenever I visit Chennai, I stay with him for a day or two. We used to talk about our good old childhood days. I tell our childhood events to his wife, children and grandchildren. It would be a different experience with our childhood friends in our old age.
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    It is really wonderful to meet childhood friends after a long gap. This experience can't be described in words. So far as I am concerned, in my childhood spent in Kolkata, I had two types of friends. The first ones were my school friends. The second ones were my 'mohalla' friends. There was no common friend. This is because I used to study in a school which was located at a long distance from my residence.

    I have contacts with some of my school-friends through Facebook. But, I don't have almost any contact with my 'mohalla' friends, because our family later shifted to another place within Kolkata.

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    No doubt that everybody will be delighted when a childhood friend happens to come to us after a long gap. In my case I could meet day before yesterday one of my class mates casually at a family function. It was a celebration connected with the 80th birthday of my wife's cousin. He is a great Kathakali artist and hence there were a good gathering of different people. Also there were different cultural programmes for which many were attracted. My old class mate was one among them.
    We could sit together and talk about several things starting from the PG class days. Also it so happened that she was also teacher at the PG department in Kerala University. I was also teaching at the PG and professional classes in another University. Hence we had several common related problems to share. Together with that we had discussions about certain latest developments in the problems coming in Statistics. Mainly it was about mass of data, related every problem. Earlier we were to do sampling for gathering information. Now data come to us from different sources through different media.
    So for me the meeting with an old class mate helped me to gather some additional knowledge.


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    A nice thread by the author where he described the feeling of meeting old friends after a gap of 40 years. I can understand the excitement and it is always a wonderful moment when we meet our close friends after a long gap.

    I remember a few years ago, I met one of my classmates after a gap of more than 12 years. It was really an exciting moment when we met after this long gap and we discussed many things related to our school days to our present activities. Friends always play a very important role in our lives and in most cases we are unable to meet our childhood friends because of the distance between us. But somehow if we get the chance to meet our childhood friends, I am sure everybody will give it a priority thinking about those sweet memories.


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    Nice post!!

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    Very nice post!! love reading the memories of other people though I don't remember much but I still remember the days when me and my brother used to play and fight a lot.

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