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    Suggestions for improvement in agriculture sector

    Govt is doing many efforts and floating many schemes for the benefit of the farmers as well as the agriculture sector. There are still deficiencies and loopholes in the system and farmers are not getting good price for their crop and there is no mechanism to connect the farmer to the consumer directly avoiding the large number of middlemen in between.

    I came to know and was a lot surprised that in China the farmer is given about 70% of the market price of the commodity. It is strange and unbelievable but seems to be true. How they are managing this is beyond our comprehension. Anyway, China has a totally different set up and we can not compare that with our situation.

    I want to initiate a discussion here as how to improve our agriculture sector condition considering all the aspects from the fertilisers to the crop pricing and their transport to the market.

    I invite members to give their suggestions in the present setup and give opinion in this regard. How to improve the conditions in agriculture sector?
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    I am not fully conversant with the agricultural sector. With my extremely limited knowledge, I would suggest that abolishing the small holdings, all the farmers of a village form a joint venture and start farming in the entire land unitedly. Thereafter, they can divide the produce proportionately (as per their land-holding ratio). This would help the division of land into small parts.
    Further, I suggest that a mechanism must be devised so that the farmers can take their own products directly to the consumers in cities and get better prices. Building more granaries and cold storages would immensely help the farmers.
    Lastly, time has come to shift from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. The agricultural scientists must start educating the farmers on this important issue and motivate them for shifting. This will help the land to remain fertile.

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    The farmer is always at risk. This is more so in the case of small farmers. They just invest their money in the crop but there is no surety that they will get back their investment minimum. Any small atmospheric problem will lead to disasters. The farmer is in tears only. No security to his investment.
    Recently the TRS government in Telangana introduced some financial assistance to the farmers. In this scheme also there is a big flaw. A farmer with one acre will get Rs.4000/- help and a farmer with 100 acres will get Rs.4,00.000/- The owner will get the aid. But the loss will be there to the person who is cultivating. The programme is not well thought it is to be correctly redesigned.
    Cooperative farming is a good system. They can do it in a better way and the yields will also increase. But there is no proper understanding of this farming system among the small farmers and government has to take the initiative and see that small farmer will get the maximum benefit.

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    The woes of the farmer cannot be eradicated if there is no proper mechanism to address their problems and for this the government - officials should have thorough discussions directly with the farmers in order to be familiar with their difficulties and these officials must try to wipe out the issues with which they are facing for a prolonged period. Then again, the government must plan to educate the farmers in the direction of augmenting their production with the use of improved varieties of seeds, technique for the optimum usage of fertiliser etc.
    Farmers should trained how best the production of crops could be achieved with the application of different crops with the different monsoon timing. Such session of preaching would go a long way to make them proficient in the field of farming.
    Loss in the event of failure of crops does not percolate to the needy and action in this regard would offer them substantial relief.

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    A country where more than 60% of the population is involved in the agriculture field, it is understood how much we are dependent on farming. The condition of the farmers can be improved a lot if the government is truly concerned about them. Just waiving off the farm loans during an election to garner the support of the farming community is not enough. The farmers all over the country are worried about the minimum support price (MSP) and in many cases, they are not receiving it. Because of this many farmers are suffering losses which have to be properly addressed. Few points came to my mind to improve their condition that is mentioned below.

    1. The middlemen in between the producers and the customers are eating out the profit and the sufferings of the farmers are going up. The problem of the middlemen has to be contained and opportunities must be created for the farmers so that they can directly sell their produce to the end users.
    2. Agriculture is largely dependent on weather and due to climate change everywhere, many new processes are evolving. The farming community must be trained properly on these techniques so that they can mitigate the losses and can avail all the modern techniques.
    3. Farmers, in many rural parts of the country, are uneducated and therefore doesn't know much about the worldly affairs other than farming. They must have some basic education so they cannot be exploited so easily. Basic education can make them aware of their rights and they can collect information, regarding farming, themselves rather than being dependent on others.


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    I think that one thing which requires consideration is the transport of the crop from farmer to the market. This is an area which requires major revamping and by proper management of nearby markets capable of storing the surplus material there itself.

    Sometimes the yield of crop is much and suddenly the demand is less than the supply. That creates a slump in the prices and the farmers suffer.

    Another thing is installing small scale industries which can handle the surplus by packing the products in sealed containers for future use.

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