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    Does first impression stays forever?

    The first impression says it all that's what it is said.

    But do you think that things work like this? I don't think so as sometimes people are misunderstood at first sight and they are not what we make the perception of him in our mind after the first meeting. We change our opinion about him once we meet him again and again.

    I am sort of a person who's is not liked by people at first sight but after a few meetings, I become a friend of theirs. This has happened with me many times in the past.

    What I feel a mature person should not conclude about a person in haste but should take his time to understand a person. Sometimes in haste, we do the mistake in identifying people.

    How do you judge a person?.
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    The phrase 'First impression is the last impression' only emphasises the fact that we should go in good attire and open the dialogues in a polite and cordial way whenever we are meeting a person or a group of person in the real life scenarios. People will judge you from your first look. It is entirely a different matter that they will come to know the real 'you' soon.

    When we go for an interview we try to present ourselves composed and confident and ready to answer anything, they ask, in the most graceful manner. We take care in observing the etiquette also there in the interview room and take all care not to err at any stage. Why we do so? Because we do not want to give them a chance to miscalculate our personality being presented to them at that moment of time.

    A person may be having messy and disorderly habits in his life but at times of meetings and other engagements with the people, he will become very careful and alert as to show that he is the most orderly man. So, first looks can be deceptive and in many cases they are and that is where the gullible people are being taken for a ride by the clever ones.

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    First impression, in almost 90% of cases, is deceptive. So, mature people don't form an opinion about others after interacting with them only once. They don't give undue importance to the first impression. Instead, they believe in an in-depth study. That is the reason behind their maturity.
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    First impression works but it is for a short while. One can not pose for long and the real character will soon emerge out.

    In the marriage functions people are attracted to the fashionable boys and girls and start negotiating for the marriage of their children. Many such initiatives turn in concrete marriage proposals also.

    But what happens after marriage is that the couple finds that they are not getting the virtues they always thought that their spouse should have.

    So simply taking a decision on deception is not going to help in real life.

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    The first impression is the best impression will stand its way in case of a student and a professor in the university education. When a student gets good marks n the first exam he faced, the concerned professor will get a good impression. This impression will help the candidate until his final examination that is being conducted or evaluated by that professor. This will be true 100% in case of the internal evaluation system.
    In my M.Sc I got the class first mark in a subject in the first test I have written. In that subject throughout my two years of study, I got the first mark only. Same is the case with other boys who got the first mark in other subjects.
    But in our regular life, we may not be forming an impression on a person when we met him the first time. Over a period of time, we will be meeting him more than once and we will be forming an opinion about that guy. This opinion is not formed by seeing him once but it is the first impression we made about him. It will not change easily.

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    Suppose we meet someone for the first time but we do not know about his/ her state of mind, and the environment he comes from, what type of upbringing he had received so if his behaviour annoys us then we should try to ignore it.

    Human beings are not emotionless machines. A very few are expert in controlling their emotion, but most of them fail to keep it under wraps. There is no reason to judge a person after the very first meeting because if we judge then, they too will judge us. We may come to a wrong conclusion about a person, and in the same manner, he/she may form a wrong impression about us. It is better not to judge at the very beginning.


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    We know those things of others which they show us. It can change depending on the situations. A very rude person may become very well-mannered in certain situations that warrant good behaviour.

    We judge others only when we need to deal with them on a regular basis. There is no point in judging the person just after meeting her/him and the more we try to be judgemental in every case, the more will be the confusion. It's natural for every human being to have some kind of feeling after meeting a person for the first time that can be generally termed as an impression. We all are emotional and have a few weaknesses and that's why many times influenced by first impressions. We must interact with the person in various ways and in various situations if we at all want to know how the person is rather than getting swayed by the first impressions.


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