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    How does ISC decide how many points a particular article should get?

    There seems to be no uniform benchmark regarding the points given to a particular article (in the Resource Sharing section). Do the editors have some kind of bias towards the Gold and Silver level members? Do they get more points for similar content?
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    It is a top-most secret. ISC Management doesn't divulge the details. But, you must follow the article-writing tips given in the following articles:-

    This article
    This article

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    You will be getting a concrete and precise answer from the editors soon but meanwhile, I will also like to tell you something about the awards of points in the article section.

    As per my experience in this site, the points are generally proportional to the quality of the article, its content, its ability to attract traffic and it's originality. By originality I mean to say that it should not be a replica of an article somewhere else in the net. The ideal case is to study a subject in the net or books and then rewrite it in your own language which is known as the style of the author.

    Quite sometime back, there was a contest held in ISC where a paragraph written by a hidden member was given to the members for guessing who wrote it. People could guess it because they saw the style of the author embedded therein that para.

    I have also submitted many articles and information updates in ISC and the points I got are varying from 15 to 90.

    I have seen the articles where I got only 15 or 20 in spite of good language and presentation. I found that they were mediocre subjects like a common recipe or something which is available in internet very easily.

    So these are the consideration and if we adhere to them we ourselves will score our articles almost the same points.

    There is no biasing for gold, diamond or platinum level members. I am a diamond level member and my last article earned me only 20 points.

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    Articles will be reviewed by the concerned editors and they will decide on the points and cc based on
    1. Content quality
    2.Importance of the subject
    4.Word count
    5.Expected traffic
    6. Author's earlier article's response from the viewers.

    But there are no hard and fast rules. The editor has to evaluate and consider the points to be awarded based on the above points.

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    This doesn't depend on the editor or anyone else. The points and cc on your article solely depend on the quality of the content and the potential to get the traffic on the same. I have not written many articles here but the cc I got on them varies from 75 to 20 Rs. I remember on one of my articles editor wrote that I should write on some unique topics for the site and myself. So never think that editors are biased they think about the growth of the site

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    In this connection, I would also like to refer to my Forum post as indicated below:-
    This thread

    In that thread, the ME stated that the Members should choose such topics which would generate revenue. As I write on less popular topics which fail to generate revenue, I get very less points credit writing Articles.

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    Gouranga Kumar,

    The editors are following the guidelines which are given by the Webmasters upon which are based the points and cash credits. The membership level of the author has nothing whatsoever to do with the points or earnings. As a platinum level member, I, too, have got less than 40 for a number of articles.

    Further, each article is reviewed on a case to case basis. Dr. Rao mentioned word count, but this is not a deciding factor. While we do expect at least a minimum of 500 words for most articles, a lengthy article will not necessarily get more or a short article less. A short article of about 300 words can also get 60 or more if it is extremely well written and informative whereas a long article of 1000 words may get the same if it is needlessly lengthy, rambling and not of very informative or presented well. Articles related to admissions, results, announcements, etc which are not as such topic-based can be submitted in about 350-400 words.

    English and the ability to fetch traffic is also considered, the latter also not to be overlooked since this is an online platform which depends on revenue being generated from its content.

    Dr. Rao also mentioned "Author's earlier article's response from the viewers." - this is incorrect. Comments/responses posted to an article do not determine the points and cc. In fact, only after approval of an article, by which time the points and cc are already given, do the comments come in for it.

    Editors are more than willing to guide members on improving their articles. The members should be willing learners and open to such guidance. Many members have benefited from the guidance and increased their earnings as well.

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    Gouranga Kumar,

    A bit of advice - when putting headings in your article, use h2 and h3 tags, not bold tags.

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    I was submitting some articles in ISC during the last 2 years but did not get much points in that as they were of average qualities and common subjects.

    I have been advised by the editors to write on different subjects and not the stereo types. I will be making attempts in that direction. As the query was raised about the methodology of giving points for articles I thought to give my understanding of that in this post.

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    Gouranga, please submit an article on a fresh topic that is well conceived and well written and judge yourself whether you have been awarded suitably. Inhibitions are acceptable but not before you are into the game.
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