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    Will Warner and Smith's return to international cricket make the Aussies great again?

    As of now, the Australian team seems to be in a horrible position. Smith and Warner are supposed to complete their sentence in March. will their return make the Aussies a formidable team again?
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    Australia was the best team. But now the team has lost its value. Maybe due to the players that are available or the politics in The Australian Cricket Board responsible for the present state of affairs. Smith and Warner are about to complete their punishment and they may be back in the team. But they may take some time to settle down and get into the line. So we have to wait for another 5 to 6 months to know about this.
    But what I feel is cricket Board in Australia should identify the players who are doing well in the national games and conduct training camps for those players so that their level of performance will increase and many players will be available for selection.

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    That's true Australian team will get stronger with the inclusion of both these players. They both have a very good record and are the backbone of the team. I have never seen the Australian team so weak in recent time. India has always struggled while playing in Australia. I remember the time when Ricky Ponting was the Australian captain and they have very good bowlers and batsmen in the team. Not only India even the other teams had sort of fear in their mind while going on an Australian tour.

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    When David Warner and Steve Smith, who are presently suspended because of ball-tampering, will re-join the team, the Australian team will be stronger. No doubt about it. But, even after their inclusion, Australia will not be the number 1 team. Australia has lost the position which it occupied since the late eighties to 2010 (till the Ponting captainship period).
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    It is difficult to predict that because the mental setup of the players before the sentence and after it and will be an instrumental factor for their effectiveness in the game.

    Anyway, if they come to their earlier form we can at least hope that the Australian team may put up better play in the coming matches but whether they will get back to their earlier glory is difficult to predict.

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    Will these sentenced people will be in a good shape to play in Australian team and able to perform as in their earlier times or we are simply hoping for that.

    It may not be feasible for these stalwarts to bring back the Australian team to its earlier reputation though there is nothing wrong in the wishful thinking that they will.

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