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Love crossword puzzles? Here's one to have a fun Sunday! Solve and send by 12 noon tomorrow.
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    Education crossword puzzle - solve, earn cash prizes!

    This crossword puzzle is based on the theme of education, covering various aspects of academics and learning. You will find many aspects a part of ISC as well!

    What you have to do: Download the attachment which is of three pages. The first page has the crossword and the second and third pages the list of clues. Fill up the puzzle and send it to me as an attachment to my Gmail ID which is iscmecontests. Do not send only the list of answers. The puzzle must be filled up and sent to me. Please use only black font and not various colours!

    1. Only one entry per member is allowed. So if you send an email without an attachment & send it later or send some more boxes filled up in a second email, the second entry will not be accepted. Make sure you do attach the puzzle the first time around.
    2. Please DO NOT attach your entry to a response in this thread - you will be disqualified if you do so or if you reveal the answers in any way.
    3. After you send your entry via email, put in a response to this thread that you have done so.

    Cash awards: Whosoever solves the entire puzzle correctly will get a cash prize of Rs.150/- and the virtual gift of a gold coin (the first two all-correct entries will each get this). In case nobody has solved the entire puzzle, then cash awards of Rs.100/- will be given to the first two who have got the most clues correctly (but at least minimum 20 correct). Next three will get Rs.75/-. The decision of the jury in deciding the winners in case of some issue arising will be final and binding on all.

    Important note: Please do not say whether the crossword puzzle was easy or tough, as this will discourage other members from participating.

    Closing time: 12 noon, 21st January 2019 (tomorrow IST).
  • Education Crossword Puzzle (162978-1-Education-Crossword-Puzzle.doc)
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    As and when possible I will try to acknowledge receipt of your entries when I come online. However, do not panic if I don't! Also, in case I am unable to open an attachment, I will inform you and you can send it again, the time of the first email being considered for your entry.
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    I mailed my answers to the crossword puzzle at 12:05 hours.
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    I have sent my answers too at 12:25 pm.
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    Juana and Aditya, I have received your answers. I was pleased to see two quick entries in my inbox within less than two hours of posting the crossword puzzle!
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    I sent my answers. Really a fun task. Please check
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    Sent my answers at 3:12 pm, please check.

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    I have sent my answers.

  • #657063
    Submitted my answers. Kindly check it out.
    Sri Vetri
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    I have submitted my entry at 17:05 hrs. Kindly acknowledge the same. Thanks.
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    Rosie Ray - It is advisable to mention your ISC user ID in the text of the email so that I am aware which entry is yours if the email ID from which you sent it shows something different. I cannot accept vague entries from members whom I cannot identify.

    Additional entries received so far - Joyshree, Srimathi, Soundharya, Umesh.

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    Just now (at 1942 Hours) I have sent my answer (my humble attempt). Kindly acknowledge.
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    Madam ME,
    I have mailed my puzzle answers to your e-mail ID at 1955 hrs today. Kindly acknowledge receipt.

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    I have sent my entry to your email at 9.05 PM today. Please acknowledge the receipt at your end. Thanks.
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    Partha, Sun and Neeru - I have received your entries.
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    I have sent my entry on your mail at 10:25 PM.Kindly check.

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    Dear Ma'am, I have just sent (1:12 Hrs) my answers to your e-mail id. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

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    Managing Editor, I have just sent my entry to the mentioned email address. I request you to kindly acknowledge the receipt.
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    Madam, I have just now sent my entry. It seems I have sent all the three pages in a hurry. I apologise for it. Thanks.

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    Sorry Madam, I forgot to add my id in a hurry. I once again sent my mail with my id. But I really hope that the time for entry would be counted of that of the previous one, that's 3:12 pm, 2oth.

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    Sanjeev, Sankalan, Shampa and Dr Rao - I have received your entries.

    Rosie Ray - yes, your first email will be accepted as an entry.

    Sankalan - thanks for pointing out the two errors in the word count of two of the clues. It may not have created a major issue, though, since the number of boxes kept blank for those two words were accurate.

    Participants are requested not to discuss the crossword. We will initiate a thread to do so, when revealing the answers and announcing the winners. Thanks for taking the time and effort to solve it.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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