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    How many points make up Re. 1 at ISC?

    I currently have 21 points and Rs. 0. How many points do I need to earn my first rupee? Also is there any formula for conversion of points to rupees?
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    The forum posts will give you points. But not rupees. So you can't count them for conversion to rupees. The overall points you get in a month will be considered for giving revenue bonus for the month. For this one should be in the list of top 20 person's list. In other sections, every point you obtained is equal to one rupee. In Contests, the points and cash awards will be as per the announcement.
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    Gouranga, welcome here! You seem to be very much worried about payments. Let that not be the attitude. Your aim should be to learn. Put in efforts to improve your language and develop an interest to improve your writing skills. Payments will follow once you become part and parcel of this site. Don't worry!Please go through the help topicsand be guided in this connection. I also suggest you follow the guidelines (see the forum index page) before becoming active here.
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    If you have interest in creative writing then you are at the correct place. There are some sections where you can participate and gain points as well as cash credits. Examples are job posting, articles, Ask Experts, information update etc. Generally you will be getting equal points and cash credits in them like 15/15 which means 15 normal points and 15 cash credits.

    There are other sections where you will be gaining points only but they have their own importance and with the experience gained you will learn about their value as to how they are related to your level change from silver to gold and gold to diamond etc. Example is forum section. Sometimes you may get cash credits also in forum section if you submit something of outstanding value and not a mediocre thing. Suppose you get 8/5 which means 8 normal points and 5 cash points.

    You are a beginner and do not right now bother for cash credits. It will come later to you when you start contributing significantly and that also good quality material. There are many members who had their first payment of Rs 600 to 1000 only after first 6 months of engagement here.

    This site is not a commercial site that you type some text and get money for your typing work. This site is based on the principles of Learn to earn, Earn to Learn.

    One thing which I can assure you is that if you stay here for a year or so you will find phenomenal improvement in your english language syntax and grammar and you yourself will observe perceptible change in your creative writing. You will be learning here those things which you can not even learn by paying a fee in some coaching or tutorial schools.

    So be patient and stay for a longer time and contribute your bit and see the changes in your performance in the field of creative writing as well as gain information and knowledge about careers and education which is the prime concern of this site.

    All the best.

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    As such, there is no guarantee that you may get the same CC as the points especially in forums. In forums, you get points for the posts but you don't get the cash equivalent to the points whereas in other sections like AE and article section you get cc equal to points. All points are accumulated at the end of the month and revenue shares are given as per the points collected by the member.

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    There is no connection between points and the rupees. They are different. But at times, they go along each other. However, the points are taken into consideration while sharing the monthly RSB (Revenue share bonus) for which you should be on top of the top 20 point earners list.
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