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    Is deviation from the usual process a risky affair?

    We are only following a prescription. Since childhood, we are maintaining the same usual routine. Just think of the situation of a child. After a certain age, he goes to school and the competition starts. After school, its college and then further education or search for a job. If we look at it, it will be found that the ultimate goal is to earn money by doing a job or starting something of one's own and the child is doing everything since beginning with this intention. Actually, there is no other way of thinking and everybody is following the same old thing. Many people think this is the usual way and by only following this process there is a chance of success. Though the term 'success' may have a different meaning to different people, for many, it boils down to earn a livelihood.

    This can be called our life cycle. At the beginning few things are forced upon us, later it becomes the usual habit. Can we think of life in a different way? Have we made our life a consequence of all these processes and trying to complete it in the same fashion? In many cases, a child is forced to attend the school at the initial stage. How many parents can think of letting the child grow up in his own way? How many of them will let the child understand the world a little and then decide the future course of action by themselves through proper guidance? I know it's a deviation from the usual cycle, but would you term it a risky affair?
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    The usual process may look stereotype and old fashioned but it is what is in our hands after a continuous effort by the generations of human beings. We have almost reached a saturation where anything done or conceived in newer ways may prove risky.

    It is not that deviations are not there. Even in modern times there are people who do not follow the laid out path and have their own thinking and ideology but such people are very rare and may not be successful in truly materialistic ways.

    It should also be remembered that any new path or ideology adopted by someone might require more hard work as compared to the usual one as there will be no cooperation in that from the family or the society. It will be a herculean task to achieve success through a new, different and unusual approach in life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Is there a need of deviation? Does everything does not seem to be well in place and streamlined in the existing system?

    Deviations and departures are the fantasies of human minds and until they are really essential there is no point in conjecturing them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think the process will start for finding a means to live but not for earning money. All people will not have reserve money with which they can live their lives. They have to earn their lively hood. That is how we should think. But slowly as the person grows his greed will also grow and think of earning money more and more.
    I think the activity appears to be the same but every stage there is a difference from person to person. The work may be the same but the method of doing will be different. All will be going to one or the other school. But some are English medium, Some public schools, Some are corporate schools and some are government schools. Like this, there are many differences. Similarly, some will study Science, some will study Arts and some may go for commerce.
    I think deviations in the paths that are being followed are enough. The ultimate aim need not vary.

    always confident

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