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    Do you love God or fear God?

    We all believe in the existence of God, and we all believe that God has created us and He has provided us all that we need to live on this earth. We also believe that God helps us with our good deeds and also punish us for our evil deeds.

    My question is - Do you worship God with love, or you worship Him with fear?
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    When you believe that God punishes us for our evil deeds, it indicates fear is there in your mind. It indicates, you start praying to God and tell him to forgive you whenever you think you have done something wrong. The thinking of punishment and pardon by God is a way of associating fear with worship. I have seen many corrupt people ardently worshipping God by thinking that their corrupt deeds will be forgiven by God if they worship more.

    Is it really necessary to believe and worship? Suppose if a person doesn't believe in God and never worships will he die of God's severe punishment? When we start believing something it means we have not experienced it in our lives and what people are saying we tend to think its true. Earlier also, here in some forums, I have said rather than believing anything try to know what it is actually. People must have the quest for knowledge. Do good to people, never think of harming others in any way and be a seeker of truth. Then there will be no fear in your mind.


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    According to Hinduism, we are supposed to love God. We should not be afraid of God because we are not sinners.
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    The concept of God is there in all the cultures and societies in different different ways but the core theme is same that God sees everything what the people are doing and we should refrain from bad and evil things in our life and follow the noble path and worship the God that He has given this great conscious life to humans which is the rarest life form in the known universe so far.

    So people having that notion in mind do not fear God and simply assume Him as the guide and light in our otherwise mentor-less life.

    The reasons behind the success of the concept of God are many but above postulate is one of the leading one and good humans follow it.

    Now on the other hand there are people who either are not sure of God's existence or mock it as the conjecturing of the minds of some ancient clergymen who propagated God's name to pursue their selfish desires and people follow them due to fear.

    Then, there are the pure atheists who neither believe in God nor mock Him but simply discard it as the concept of the imaginative minds of earlier generations and has been traditionally established and deeply rooted in the present societies.

    With that background in mind I prefer to be in the first category but I do not know to what extent I am able to put that in practice.

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    One should love God. It is like we should love our parents. A little fear towards parents will be there and we will try to be away from doing mischiefs with a fear that they may punish us during our childhood. As we grow we will not have fear for them but our love will continue as long as we live.
    Same is the case with God also. Initially, we will love him and a little fear will be there. As we grow once we will be away from all unethical deeds our fear for God will vanish and love will get stronger. But if we continue our mischiefs and be with unethical ways of living our fear for God will increase.
    I never had a fear of God. I always pray him to help me in my life to have a clear and ethical path of living. I pray God to convey my thanks for whatever he has given me in this life.

    always confident

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    I don't worship God as I am an atheist. But the perception of the people is different. Few people worship God due to love and few worship God because of fear.

    But the thing is why should we worship Him due to fear. Why we do such work for which we have to fear from God?


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    It is a strange thread as many of us may not divulge this for the fear that people will treat us as an atheist.

    In our society, many people do not believe in God but pretend as if they believe. The reason is the pressure of society, parents, relatives and peer groups. Apparently if you pose as a God-believer you get respect in society.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Neither, I don't believe in fairy tales.

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    I would rather make Him feel like a friend because this is the best of relationship on the planet earth. You are most open with your best friend & not in any other relations. In terms of fear & love, He only let you have of the thing which you deserve of. Means He can't give you beyond what you deserved of which further depends upon your previous & present Karma & that's why we often evident of changes in the times of an individual from good to worse and vice-versa.

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    The thread itself is based on the concept that there exist God. Hence those who do not believe in his/ her existence there is no meaning in giving an answer to this.

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    Yes I love God because We can feel God by our surrounding activities. Everything is happening due to God and world is nothing without God. God is great Its things of belief if you believe then God exist otherwise its not. If you believe God exit then you will automatically love it.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    One should not fear a friend.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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