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    How to cope up with quarrelsome people?

    There are all sorts of people in a society and we have to interact with them time to time. With the advent of social media nowadays we have to interact with them even online also.

    During these interactions sometimes we come across some people who are very critical, quarrelsome and irritating in their expressions and whatever you say they will be discarding it or condemning it with their cheap arguments and it is no surprise that you hear from them two opposite ideologies on two different days.

    It is said that we should deal with these people with patience and politeness, and should not lose our temper but we are human beings and sometimes it is natural that we become angry and frustrated with such people and start avoiding them in physical world as well as in online platforms.

    What do you think about this? How to cope up with such persons?
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    Ignoring such people may be the best way. When people start arguing with no logic and try to force their decision on us, we should not yield but at the same to we need not to argue with them also. My opinion is the same and I don't want to have any argument. This point can be explained to them and leave it there.
    If there is a point in the argument we can accept. But if they are arguing without any point it is better to withdraw. We should not think that we can change people.
    Always, people say sound will come only when two hands meet. As long as only one hand moves it may not create a sound. So even the other person is quarrelsome if we are silent the things will be smooth. Otherwise, the things will be worst only.

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    Actually, it doesn't happen. We are told to keep patience when dealing with quarrelsome people but that's theoretical.

    Still, we should try to keep our mind cool in dealing with such people. Anger management is essential in these cases. Anger is the main culprit if we are able to control it we may make this world a better place to live.


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    It is really difficult to keep cool with such people who will start fighting just for sake of it. I believe the best strategy is keep a distance with them. Do not antagonise them and do not fight with them.

    More importantly, do not insult them or revenge with them as they are very shrewd and will not leave you in such cases.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Just follow with a simple theory & to mind with your own businesses & don't interfer much & leave the rest. Above all don't feel emotional & get-up with more professionalism with your attitude in order to feel & remain peaceful & happy.

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    The best way may be to reply them only when necessary. A few people have the tendency to argue on everything and they will somehow find a weird logic to prove their point. I think they do it to grab the attention of others and when we are unable to make them understand what is wrong with them, we must maintain a safe distance from them.

    There is no point in arguing with them because they will always try to prove how right they are. Yes, patience and politeness have great roles here. When you are dealing with such people at times you have to tolerate certain things to save your face. You need to politely tell them there is no point in the unnecessary argument and they must mend ways to excel in life. If you find there is no use of this politeness and they are taking undue advantages from you, leave them as it is. If you are unable to avoid them completely, keep only a bare minimum contact with them.


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