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    What can be a good gift to give in an engagement function

    These days people have a lot of money. They can celebrate any small function also in a big way. When a match is fixed, earlier days, the parents of groom and bride used to meet and exchange clothes as a mark that the marriage is fixed. A very small affair with no special invitees and all that. But the trend is changing these days. Even this engagement function is also being celebrated in a very big. In a star hotel inviting many friends and relatives, this function is being performed. Again these guests will be invited for the marriage also. When we attend a function it is a practice to go with a gift to offer the hosts. Now I am very much confused. What is the best gift for this engagement? Is it necessary that we should go with a gift? I like to know the views of the members on this issue.
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    A gift would be good if found to be useful for routine jobs as well as remind others of us in a good manner. In this context the Photo frame could be the useful commodity for others & which always can be found in a good positioning in any room & can be economical too for any of us.

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    There are so many parts in a marriage function now a days that it is really confusing what to do. In my opinion a bouquet of flowers will be sufficient in such auxiliary ones and we can give the main gift or cash at the time of reception or main marriage function.

    Of course it also depends how close we are to the host.

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    I am also facing this problem and have confusions as well. People are now a days celebrating the functions in a very large scale and lavish ways and the guests are in a doldrum as what to do.

    I normally give a gift in the reception function in general. But if it is a near and dear relative then I think we have to give a small gift in engagement ceremony also to maintain the ambience and dignity of the venue.

    It is only a suggestion as I have also a tough time in deciding this.

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    Of course, there has been a considerable shift in celebrating the engagement of the marriage - ceremony from the earlier ones when there were cluster of elderly people including the parents of grooms and bridegrooms and there was the exchange of cloths and rings to mark the ceremony avoiding the large crowd but now there has been a reversal of this trend. This is probably due to the possession of affluent money of both of the parties.
    However, it would be best to offer a minor gift on such an occasion such as a good novel of an eminent author, clothes for the couple or a wrist watch of a reputed make and the cost should be affordable not exceeding Re 3000.
    The costly presentation will follow at the later part - during the marriage- function.

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    The trend has changed nowadays as people don't like to gift clothes as well as don't like to receive clothes as a gift. It is always a confusion about a gift to give to the hosts. I always prefer to give a gold/silver ornament if someone is very close, a showpiece, wrist watch or a clock. And in case I am not able to decide or have no time to buy a gift or I am unable to find the gift of my choice then prefer to give the cash in the envelope. Cash is always better than any gift as by this one can buy a thing of his /her own choice. Recently in few of the functions, I have done the same.

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    Everything is changing so is the case with the marriage celebration. Actually, families have become small, and so people spend a lot of money on one or two marriages. Nothing is worse to celebrate an occasion but the onus lies upon the guests. Best thing is to gift money in cash which saves the hassle of purchasing a gift and those who receive the cash can spend on making purchases according to their need.

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    Engagement for the marriage is called Betrothal. In the past, this used to be a very simple ceremony. Only very close relatives and friends used to be invited to attend the function. No gift is presented during Betrothal. Nowadays, it is conducted in a big way like marriage.

    I strongly recommend a bouquet, not a gift. A gift is desired only at the time of marriage or marriage reception. During the betrothal, as a courtesy, we may bless the girl and present some cash.

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