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    The astroid shower on Earth is increasing!

    Due to various destructive explosions and gravitational processes in the universe the heavenly bodies like Earth are exposed to the shower of astroids which are small bodies of extra terrestrial rocks falling on the Earth surface continuously.

    While entering the atmosphere due to air friction they burn and turn into ash and spread finely on Earth surface. In rare cases when their size is big they hit the Earth and have devastating effects.

    I was reading a science study in which the scientist have discovered that the amount of astroids falling on Earth has increased about three times as compared to 300 million years ago.

    There is nothing to fear seeing this long time but I was just wondering why this increase and what does it signify.

    Members who have interest in Cosmology or Astronomy may like to give their comments.
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    An interaction between a planet and streams of debris from a comet may result in a meteor shower. A Comet can produce debris by water vapour drag and they are made up of rock embedded in ice, orbiting the Sun. The formed ice may have water, methane, ammonia, and other volatiles, alone. The rock may vary in size. The ice warms and sublimates. This vapour can get mixed with dust, sand, and pebbles. These meteoroids will spread along the entire orbit and will form a meteoroid stream.
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    We studied in our school that astroid or meteor showers get burnt in the atmosphere and are not dangerous. So an increase in their quantity may to be significant as compared to the size and volume of the Earth.

    But it will increase the mass on Earth to some extent and scientists have to find out how that is going to matter.

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    Usually, asteroids dont hit the earth, they burn off in the sky due to the friction themselves. It's not easy to predict if a particular asteroid will hit the earth's surface. Various calculations and observations are done to know if that particular asteroid is going to hit. I have read somewhere that the orbit of the asteroid is calculated to calculate if it's going to hit or not but that's for sure they will harm us if hit earth.

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    It's a really very interesting phenomenon. As long as the asteroids are not of huge size, it is not going to affect us adversely.

    I am not an expert either in Cosmology or Astronomy, but just to tickle the funny bones I would say to keep up with the pace of development in the earth, the celestial bodies are also moving very fast nowadays and hence crashing on to each other and exploding. This is automatically giving rise to these activities.


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