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    Sometimes forgetting helps and makes us happy

    Human memory is very powerful and we can remember many things depending on their importance in our life. As we can not remember everything only selective things will remain in our memory and others will fade away with time.

    Fading away of memory items is in a way a boon to us so that we can forget the unimportant and insignificant things periodically. Suppose we fought with a person and soon we forget it and next time we meet that person we have no malice in our mind. Another example is that if we had some serious grief but with time the scar in our mind is healed up. Now we are free from it and there is no sadness or pain.

    In essence, forgetting to that extent is beneficial for us and makes our life pleasant. What is your opinion on this?
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    The quality of forgetfulness is a boon given to a human being by God. We remember many things. When we have no work and sit silently the past events will be coming back to our mind. Some of them are happy moments and some are unhappy moments.
    But many things we will be forgetting in no time and some may be going out of our memory very slowly. Happy moments remembering for a long time is good for our health and life also. But difficulties, defeats, sorrows need not be remembered long. It is better to forget them at the earliest.
    The faster you forget the issues, the better will be your life. If we lose an important person over a period of time we will forget. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to lead our life. So forgetfulness is good in many aspects of our life.

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    I think it is a natural system of reducing the agonies of life that some items are deleted from memory time to time or as the author has said - faded away.

    There are so many things happening that if everything is stored we will be simply overloaded by them. So certain things which are not very important or of trivial nature are to be definitely removed or deleted at an earliest to make space for better things.

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    Yes, it is true. If we can forget the things that gave us pain, it is always better for us. Nobody is going to choose pain over happiness and the more one can stay happy the better. Most of the time we forget the insignificant things and remember those that affected our lives in some ways. We remember painful things too, but if we continue remembering those things for a long time it affects us in a negative way.

    The mind has own strategies and we do not wish to remember anything that affected us in a negative way. Many times people completely forget those things, but they can be repressed in our minds too and if we face the same situation that caused the pain the old memory can haunt us at times. To avoid this situation it is always better to completely forget those incidents which are indeed going to make us happy.


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    Yes, that's true. Forgetting unnecessary things make our life good. It's of no use to keep things in the memory and feel sad by thinking them again and again. I am sort of a person who tends to forget things easily and don't keep anything in my mind which makes me sad by thinking them. We should analyse the things but to an extent, they may not cause stress in us. I have seen many people who don't forget even the small issues and make their life horrible. I know sometimes it's not easy to forget things but that's life and we should try to forget things and start things afresh. Forgetting and forgiving is the best remedy and one must apply it in his life to make his life better.

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