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    A little less wise now

    A couple of light pokes till the area goes numb. An expert attack, a gentle one, though, with the requisite instrument. Trophy triumphantly held up. Light threading to seal. Start to finish about 10 mins., tops.

    It wasn't a hellish or frightening experience as most people think, removing that nasty, infected wisdom tooth yesterday. Not even painful, really. Just a very slight pain was felt after about two hours when the anesthesia wore off, but it was not any kind of excruciating pain.

    Am I a little less wise now? Only time will tell...
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    "Am I a little less wise now?"------------Certainly not. You are wiser. A person becomes wiser only after the removal of wisdom teeth.
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    Recently I have also undergone the same treatment and two of my wisdom teeth were removed. The doctor is a known person and he treated me very nicely and I had no pain except for 1 or 2 hours after the treatment.
    The wisdom once comes to us may not leave us. The purpose of the tooth might have been completed and the wisdom is already there in the system. So I think there is no chance to become less wise as one tooth is removed. The matter which is already embodied in the system will not go back. So I feel one should not think that they will become less wise once they lose their wisdom tooth. But by getting it removed the person will become healthy and will be away from tooth pain and other problems.

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    Wisdom teeth which are known as third molar also erupt generally at the age of 20 - 25 years and that is the reason why they were called as wisdom teeth assuming that by that time a person gets some wisdom!

    So in a way the name is a misnomer and no way connected with the wisdom neither at the time of eruption or removal.

    As they start erupting at the age of 20 - 25, in many persons they do not manifest completely and come out late in the life also.

    It is rare to see all the third molars developed in an adult giving a glimpse of those 32 white (including those 4 wisdom teeth) gems in our palate.

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    Generally doctors do not advise for extraction of the wisdom tooth until unless they are having infection or problem in their roots. Sometimes they will advice for root canal also in which only the centre part is drilled and filled and then capped.
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    There's no pain now, so no chance of becoming less wise. During physical pain at times, we lose our wisdom, we act differently because of the associated pain. In your case, the wisdom tooth has been removed, but not the wisdom. The wisdom has flourished in a wonderful way in this thread itself.

    Take care and do not forget the prescribed medicines. Be cautious while eating for the next few days.


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    Thanks for caring. Yes, I did take the prescribed antibiotic capsule for three days, post the removal, and have been cautious as well in eating. For two days I had to eat only soft food and nothing hard or hot. For a week at least I am also not supposed to eat on that side, so having a meal is really slow!

    Loved your wise analogy as well and giggled at Partha's response.

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    Wow, what a narration on the act of tooth removal. I was little worried after my dentist told me that, my wisdom tooth is growing. I may visit him again, in case of tooth ache or ear ache. Right now, I have no trouble. I have no worries on whether my wisdom grows or not, as long as there is no trouble because of it.
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    Quite a captivating thread. I love the narration. Keeping the subject a bit abstract is a great technique. Many fear dentists. Some of their fears are irrational. Dentists today have very modern and precise equipment which make their job and ours convinient. I am glad you had a good experience. And I have never visited a dentist yet. I hope I never have to. But this somewhat would help me not be anxious.
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    Wisdom teeth are third molar teeth and often comes in the teenage or the later age. These are like other teeth if aligned properly whereas in most of the cases these are not aligned properly and are requires to be removed by the dentist.

    It is said that wisdom tooth removal is very painful and leads to a lot of swelling. Wisdom teeth are surrounded by dense bone and hence, its tough to remove as it may cause a problem to other teeth. There are lots of medicines available in the market to reduce the swelling occurs after removal of wisdom teeth. It is just a myth that by removing these teeth we lose wisdom.

    It is not always wise to retain wisdom teeth and removal of these teeth will not affect the wisdom


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    Yes, swelling can occur but all that is required is the application of an ice pack from the outside, on the cheek, while in a seated position for a couple of hours after the removal and as and when required later. There can also be a lot of bleeding, for which also instructions are given by the Dentist. I think I could write an article on this as per my own experience and the instructions I received.

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