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    How to recover my old account?

    Hello everyone,
    This is the second time I am creating an account on ISC. I have lost my previous account as my email was hacked, so how do I get it back? It's been a couple of years since I accessed it, so any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    Old account Link:
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    Even though you forgot your password you can recover your old account. For this, you should specify either your user ID on this site or you must specify your email address. Go to the website and click on forgot password. Another page will open and it will ask you your User ID or Email address. Once you give any one of these two and type the verification code given on the screen your password will be sent to your email account. Using that you can open your account. I have opened an account in 2009 and I stopped using it. But again I started using from 2017. I followed the process mentioned above to recover my account.
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    If your email account is hacked then probably you will not be able to access that. I feel that in that case it will not be possible to use it anywhere in any site.

    Have you tried that or you have to use a different email account. I think you have to use another one.

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    Hello Dr. Srinivasa Rao,

    Thanks for your response, but in my case, I have lost my email id too, which means I cannot access that Email account. So even if I use the Forgot Password feature, I'll not be able to get access.

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    Hi Neeru,

    I can always create a new account, that's not a problem. The thing is, I worked really hard to gain my previous membership level on ISC during 2010-11, so I'd like to continue with that account instead of creating a new one.


    Prakash Pandey
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    You don't remember your user ID of ISC. If you know that I think with that ID you can give a new email account. To that account, you will receive your password. If you don't have an alternative email address, you create a new email account in yahoo or google and that can be mentioned along with your ID. If you don't remember your User ID then I think it is difficult. Anyone of the two must be there as far as my knowledge goes.
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    As you can't recall your username, I think it would be better for you to open a new account as start afresh. Only the Webmasters may be able to tell you your old username only if you have received any payment from ISC.

    You may start afresh and make a resolve to log in regularly so that you remember your username by heart.

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    Welcome back, Mr Pandey. It's understandable why you want to recover your previous account. The password recovery options were already described by Dr Rao and since you lost your e-mail id the Webmaster may help you in this regard. Please go through this thread where the Lead Editor in his reply suggested another member to provide the link of his new account so that the contents may be merged with the previous account.

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    Hello Members,

    Thanks a lot, especially Dr. Rao. I got my profile ID from my previous posts and then I tried a couple of passwords and voila, I am back in my account. I am posting from my old account and now I'll simply switch to this one.

    Thanks a ton for all the suggestions!

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    I am closing this account as I have recovered my old account.

    Thanks Guys!

    Prakash Pandey
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