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    Learn from past, plan for future and live in present

    I read this phrase somewhere and was captivated by its meaning and the philosophy of action hidden behind it.

    What I understood was that we should not live in our past always remain thinking that it was like that and that was like that. Past is only for experience and learning. It has gone. It is not there.

    Further, we can not live in future. It will be too much of phantasising. But we can plan for the future by working today.

    So, we have to live in present only and engage ourselves as present is only practically available to us. Past and future are beyond our reach.

    We must live and be active in present. What is your opinion about this?
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    Past is past. We have no chance to change it. Future we don't know; We may have future or we may not. But the present is with us now. Whatever we want to do should be done now. We shouldn't say we will do it tomorrow.
    But we should learn from our past mistakes. Once some mistake happened, we should analyse the total issue and understand where we did a mistake. This is a learning for us. Just leave the past. But never do the same mistake again. Don't spend the present time completely planning for the future. Do what you can do now and then plane for the future. Sitting and thinking about past mistakes and planning for the future will take you nowhere. So always be present in the present times and do the work what is to be done and see that you will have happy times. I have seen many people always thinking about the past and forgetting the duties of the present. This is never advisable.

    always confident

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    This is true. We should learn from our past mistakes and should be cautious so that those mistakes are not repeated. Successful people forget what happened in the past and learn from their mistakes and go ahead in life. Similarly, we should not dream of the things unnecessarily. We should work on the things by proper planning to achieve our goals and targets.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A very good thread by the author reminding us of the importance of living in the present moment. What has happened cannot be reversible, so there is no point in thinking about what has already happened. Every incident teaches us something, be it present or past.

    The lessons learned from the past incidents help us to plan for the future. Since the present is inevitable and we are only living at the present moment, therefore to make the present moment beautiful we need to enjoy it and look forward. While we live on hope, we cannot keep on hoping by putting the present works aside. Every action of our present helps us to progress further in future.

    We must keep our mind in the present moment by learning from our past experiences to progress in future.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is true that people who are focussed in their present are more successful than those who are dwelling in their past and always talk about it.

    There is no doubt that we should exert and work hard to make our future bright but should not be too obsessed by this as we have to anyway live in the present only. Future is unknown and to hope much there may not be a wise thing.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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