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    The thin line between attraction and distraction

    You are inside a garments shop and choosing a dress for yourself. Suddenly, you got attracted to the corner by a particular dress and immediately fell in love with it. All the favourite things attract us in some ways. It is not limited to dress or some materials, we feel that special attraction towards people, music, place and the list may be endless. When you are working on an issue with full concentration, it is natural to feel irritated if you find something distracting. The atmosphere of such working places is protected by certain rules. For example, it is not permissible in many libraries to carry a mobile phone. It is well understood that the ringtone of a call is a distraction to others present inside the reading room. The same is applicable in theatre halls and meetings.

    Now if you think of a situation where you are the single person concentrating on the work, then also the mobile phone ringtone can distract you. Suppose, you are inside your room at your home and doing something very attentively. If somebody in the other room plays your favourite number you will certainly be distracted. If your favourite person arrives there in your room then also it will break your concentration. Have you ever noticed that in all these situations the attraction can well become the cause of your distraction? The same thing which pulls you toward it can become pleasing or irritating depending on the situation.
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    Very true and a good observation by the author. Attraction is something which is in our mind and it manifest towards a person or material or entity.

    People have different choices and likings and depending upon that they attract towards things. Attraction brings attachment and belongingness.

    Concentration is different from attraction. We concentrate in our work for livelihood or concentrate on something related to our career. During concentration our feelings towards favourite things or persons is subdued and taken over by the focussing efforts we are engaged.

    Any disturbance in such times are a source of distraction and are not liked by an individual.

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    A well-narrated post by the author. A detailed presentation.
    Attraction is our interest in a person, place or a thing. Sometimes when we see a beautiful item we will like and get attracted by that item. Once our family members went to an electronics shop. There we have seen a new model TV and all of us liked it very much and the attraction was so high which made us purchase the same using a credit card.
    Distraction is nothing but getting disturbed from the work we are doing seriously. Here the work we are doing may be of interest or not. We may be doing it as a part of our duty. Even then we should concentrate on the work. During those times if we will get distracted by external factors like some visitors coming to talk to you or some family member may call you or your cell phone, we will get distracted from our work

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    Attraction and distractions are generally associated. We might be attracted to a thing but any disturbance or intrusion will irritate us. Distraction makes our work weak and reduces our focus.

    When we are attracted to a thing we feel good. It is a positive state.

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    It happens anything easily distracts when we do any work attentively. But there are few people in the world too who are not easily distracted like me. I used to study even when the TV was on or loud music is being played. Even I used to study maths when my favourite song is played whereas most of the people need silence to solve problems of maths.

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    For sure few of the things are quite irritating when it raised to the level wherein this increases disturbances resulting in the lack of concentration within us. If I take an instance of myself then during last holiday, I was resting at my room that I evident of some construction job being going on with loud & disturbing noise consistently taking place after a gap. This resulting in some irritation got manifold as I had cold & cough due to change in the weather condition. At least the day long time became of less use for my rest.

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    The thread presents a good observation skill of the author. It is hundred per cent true that at times our attraction can become our distraction. I am sure it happens with all of us when we are in a hurry. Even a phone call of our dear one distracts us during a busy schedule. I think it is very common.

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