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    Always we should adopt give and take policy

    We see different types of people around us. Some people will always feel happy in helping others and also giving to others. They never like to take something from others and they don't ask for help from others.
    Some people always expect something to receive from others. They expect others to help them in all their works and also like to receive from others. They never like to help or offer anything to others.
    These two ways are not good. Always giving and never taking as well as always taking and never giving back is not advisable. We should be ready to help others when we expect others to help us. At the same time, we should be ready to accept some help when we expect others to accept our help. That is why I say always we should adopt give and take policy.
    I solicit the opinions of other members on this.
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    I always believe in give and take policy. Unless you help others you cannot expect others to help you. There are many selfish people who never help others but wish to seek help from others when they are in need. Such people cannot do that for a long as they are disliked by the people for their such behaviour. Who would like to help someone always and won't be helped by that particular person when in need?.

    I mostly try to give to the people and avoid taking from the people.


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    Actually, this 'give and take policy' is adopted by many. The problem starts when we expect others to help us in need but do not receive the intended help. Now let me try to explain it in a different way. Suppose, you are travelling in a public bus and sitting. The bus is crowded and suddenly an old man appears in front of your seat and stands there. When you found the man too old and frail, I hope you will automatically offer your seat to him. Now, in this case, do you expect anything in return from that old man? Certainly not.

    Suppose, if your neighbour needs hospitalisation and you are available at your home. Would you think about any return while accompanying him to the hospital? I know there are people who least bother to come forward in distress of others but we cannot act in these conditions thinking of something in return.

    The problem with all of us is expectations. We always act thinking of expectations and when it is not fulfilled we express our grudge in different ways. There are many situations when one requires help which he will never refuse. But when somebody is hellbent in refusing help, nobody can help him either.


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    In fact all the activities in this world are mostly based on the give and take relationship. There is no free lunch anywhere.

    It is also true that some people do charity which is one sided affair but that is a voluntary thing and limited to a few people. Most of us are like businessmen. We only do something to someone when we have a hope that he will be reciprocating it.

    The relationships without give and take do not survive long and create misunderstandings and bitterness.

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    We can not be so calculative every time. I distribute chocolates to the children in my society. I am giving small donations to the needy and many times we have given food in the orphanage.

    If someone asks for help most of the time we are providing irrespective of the fact that the particular person might never helped us.

    So give and take may be a good policy but we can not be too strict on this as that will end the kindness form this world.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Almost all the relationships of the world run on the basis of 'give and take' policy. Only there are very few exceptions like parents-children relationship. But, nowadays, this relationship is also being governed by the 'give and take' policy.
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    The human personality is a very complex phenomena & consisting of very unpredictable instances with preoccupied & predetermined mindset. Although the author has suggested a very flexible ways of living with the things but we can have many different personalities which found out to be completely different from the point of view of perceptions & to implement with the things. If I give you with my viewpoint than I am always hesitant from asking for help but always ready to help others whenever possible. I know that practically you would be in loss if continue with this type of mentality & therefore I am working on it. This may possibly be thought to be the rigid mindset for others with full of ego & attitude & the others may not like it.

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    If you are really interested to help one, do it without going for any analysis. More you think on this subject, more will be delay on your part to offer help to someone needing your help. Though the relationship demands to follow give and take policy but the same does not hold true always, there may be exception to the earlier rule. While seeing a senior citizen - not able to cross the road and if you happen to witness such a situation. I think you are sure lend your help without making any delay and this humanly approach allows our civilisation to flourish.

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