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    What is this selfie mania?

    I was going through a news item that the Taiwanese hiker and climber Gigi Wu is dead while she fell in a ravine in Taiwan's Yahan national park and got injured and was no more by the time the rescue teams located her. She was climbing a peak in bad weather.

    Gigi Wu is popularly known as 'Bikini Climber' as she used to climb the different hilly peaks wearing a bikini and also used to post her selfies without fail in the social media. She has climbed around 100 peaks in last 4 years and had a large following.

    People have strange hobbies and obsessions but what is this craze for selfies?

    What do you think about it?
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    I also read about her in the news. In the past too she had been trouble and was saved by the rescue team. This time also she got injured and couldn't walk. She tried to contact her friends but couldn't. With very difficulty, she was able to contact them and told about her that she is in trouble. The rescue team tried to find her through helicopter but they couldn't go deeper due to bad weather and when she was searched she was already dead because of the freezing temperature. She had a love for mountains and never could resist herself and many times she came in difficulty due to this love.

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    Adventurous people take big risks and they even give their life for their hobbies and interest. This is one more case in that line.

    Taking selfie has really become a serious fad now and people are taking even great risks in difficult terrains and situation and getting satisfied only when they post it in media and get applaud from the fans.

    There have been many cases where accidents have been associated with this craze.

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    The term selfie implies, clicking one's own photo. This is a new craze and people want to take there own photos in front of many things. Maybe people who have the craze of clicking selfies want to get an impression of how they look like in front of various situations. The habit of staying very active in social media by posting regular updates on one's self may have given rise to this craze.

    It's hard to imagine how crazily a person can behave to click a selfie. There was news some time ago about a guy who wanted to click a selfie with a running train. He desperately tried but lost his life. There are many such accidents because of this craze and from the thread it is well understood that the craze has not died down. If only people try to learn something from these fatalities, then this craze will come down.


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    It's not a craze but it's a feeling that nothing bad will happen to them which ultimately goes wrong & mishap happen. There is not one incidences but numbers are incidences that we can be evident of in any of the news papers & in different of the locations. In a major part the young generations are more attracted towards such selfies & as a result of which few tragedies become most likely to happen.

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    We have discussed this issue many a time in the past in different context. People are still not conscious of the danger of this obsessive trend. We have to wait till this craze or mania subsides. It will take some more time.
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    These days selfies are the order of the day. Going somewhere and talking a good selfie and posting it on social media is a hobby for many people these days. We read much news regarding the accidents taken place while taking selfies. The craze shouldn't make one to lose their life. People should understand where to start and where to stop. If that is not known accidents will happen. Regarding this Bikini Climber, I read in the news in which it was mentioned that she met with an accident. I don't that she died. She is a very brave lady and undertakes many adventures like this. Ultimately she lost her life while she is on an adventure. I pray to God to see that her soul will rest in peace.
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    Anything exceeds certain limit it leads to danger. selfie usage started only after the introduction of mobiles that too android mobiles. But the unwanted things and illegal things normally spread speedily than a good one. I read in news that a pregnant lady took selfie on her mobile by sitting on a railway track without noticing the train ahead backside and got smashed. Many accidents happened when taking selfie while driving. Unless controlling themselves by looking the situation and places the danger of selfie creeps its head.

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