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    Do you have hobbies or you just pass your time?

    Today the life has become very busy. There are a lot of things to be done. Studying, career making, earning money, taking care of family, socialising, outing and exercising to name a few.

    Still, we get some vacant time. That is the time we are free and unoccupied. But human nature is that we can not sit idle, we require some engagement. If nothing is there we will watch TV or read a book. We have to pass the time anyway. We can even gossip on trivial things or something.

    So my question is if you have some free or vacant time do you pass it by pursuing some hobbies or you just pass it in some way and then are back to the routine. Please give your valuable input.
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    During my active career days, I was not getting any free time. Almost I was spending 16 hours a day in office works. I was not able to get any time to spend with family. So there is no chance for hobbies or time pass. Even on Sundays, I was working from home for my office. That was the condition. After working that way for 30 Years, at the end of 2016, I have taken up a new job where I need not work more than 4 to 5 hours a day.
    Because of this move, I have some time and I am able to spend some time with my family members. I am spending daily 3 or 4 hours on the Laptop. I will be spending 2 to 3 hours with family especially with my granddaughter. Another activity I have now is to spend some time on ISC. Another activity I have started these days is to write poems in my mother tongue that is Telugu. I almost stopped watching TV. My time mainly goes on my laptop only. I am enjoying my life these days well.

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    Yes, today life is very busy. Everyone around me is running. Amidst these running people, I am walking slowly and steadily. I am not included in this cut-throat competition. I sometime stand, watch the sun rising, moon floating, cuckoo cooing, flower blossoming and children playing. These give immense pleasure to me.

    But, I read a lot. Although I am fast moving towards senior citizenship (only less than nine years are left), I still read a lot. My eyesight is getting weaker, I still read. You may call it a hobby. You may call it passing the time.

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    In today's fast life people very rarely have leisure time to do what they like. I have a hobby of playing outdoor games but I am unable to play these days due to lack of time. I pass my leisure time by teaching my kids, watching tv, gossiping etc which are not my actual hobbies.

    There are people who in this fast life are able to takeout sometime for them to do things which they like and that is the way people should live.


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    Yes. I have some hobbies to keep myself busy. I kill my time at ISC. When ISC bores, I care my good old Padmini who is with me. I spend my time with her to make her beautiful, fit and perfect.
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    Being a housewife and my present engagement in ISC, I am not finding anytime left to ponder over these options.

    Still I have hobbies but not able to pursue them at the present juncture as social media is also eating the time which is left in the end.

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    Most of us have hobbies. But some people surprise me. They have none. They just wander, sleep or sit idle. I think that is wasting time, youth and life. Hobbies are what gives your personality an extra touch. They are important. I have many hobbies. Lately music seems to be my only hobby though. I either am listening to music or trying to make it with my guitar. I like cooking at times. I love writing poems, stories or anything in general. I like learning new languages. But as you say, TV and internet have reduced our pursuing of hobbies. We only browse for stuff now.
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    In the meantime as we got winter in the North India I use to spend my time in the park for long & than came back to my room for rest & in the evening I would like to move in the market alone. Considering hobby, I love to have the internet & watching the debates, movies or with some movies of Bollywood or of Hollywood or to continue watch with some spiritual documentaries of Indian culture.

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    During my student life, painting and various type of craft work were my hobbies. Loved to spend time doing those activities, but after marriage, it seems everything changed. Even migraine made it difficult for me to pursue my hobbies. I enjoyed doing them once again after my son got admission in a school, and his craft works became my interesting creative time pass. Now, I spent time on computer writing or reading whenever I get time, or you can say, sometimes I squeeze out time for it.

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    Yes, I have hobbies to pass my time. It makes me feel relaxed during the work.

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