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    Another Gandhi in active politics

    The sister has arrived to help her brother. The brother is able to convince her to play an active role in politics. She has been made General Secretary and made in charge for Uttar Pradesh East. She may contest or may not contest but she will be doing her best for the victory of Congress in the coming elections. A party which was the main party of the country is not able to find a suitable person in the country to lead. Only one family for the party's leadership. This may happen for Regional Parties but for a big party like Congress also following the same family dynasty is a real worry for the country. Congress members say that Priyanka resembles her grandmother and hence can attract many voters in the country. We have to wait and see what will be the outcome. What are the views of members on this? Is it a positive factor for Congress?
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    There are many congressmen who are very faithful to the good old Congress party. All in UP would welcome this good lady and might vote for Congress to win.
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    The appointment of Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra as the General Secretary of the Congress party and handing over the charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh signify many things. This proves that Rahul Gandhi is not confident about his own ability, the exclusion of Congress from the alliance of SP and BSP is not good for the party in Uttar Pradesh and no one (except her) in the party is strong and willing to take on Modi-Yogi in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

    However, I acknowledge Mrs. Bhadra's courage because she has taken the plunge to check Modi-Yogi in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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    This is yet another attempt by the Congress to bring strength in its structure by infusing family blood.

    It is too early to predict the outcome or help to the congress party by this move in the coming elections.

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    This is politics. Congress is trying to get votes by appointing Mrs Priyanka Gandhi but I doubt that's going to help them. They are using Priyanka Gandhi as their trump card. Facing Modi in the election is not easy she has to work very hard for it.

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    The Indian voters are more or less being on the emotional aspects & being in the case of short-sightedness could prove beneficial for the Congress party but being most of the voters are awaken of the facts on the current political events may prove some unappreciated response to the Congress party. In here I agree with #657293/Neeru Bhatt that this would be too early to predict anything in context to the outcome but for sure the SP+BSP alliance has no job for the Congress party in the state & as the Congress party has decided to fight alone which has no existing credibility, the matter may prove worse for the Congress party in the coming times.

    There could be the few other possibilities that the senior leaders of the Congress party may have some dis-satisfaction in this regard & could prove revolting from within but the problem is that the Congress party don't have a good name in its list & the Congress party itself is responsible for this.

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    Politics is a war and everything is correct in love and war. Congress have moved their trump card of their family legacy to woo the old and loyal voters and how much this is going to make a dent in the present circumstances is difficult to guess but it will affect the voting pattern to some extent and will eventually affect the joint alliance as well as BJP.

    BJP will also critically condemn it as the family affair and to that extent Congress will get a bad name. With this move of Congress the election of 2019 is going to be more exciting and suspenseful. Congress will leave no stone unturned in comparing and presenting Priyanka with late Indira Gandhi and BJP will also do its best efforts to present it as the desperate action of a drowning man.

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    Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi is not new to politics. She was helping her mother and brother in their constituencies during election times. Her entry into active politics is good for the Congress party. She may or she may not be able to bring much change in the Uttar Pradesh politics in the coming elections.
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    In addition to the issues mentioned in the previous responses, the joining of Mrs. Bhadra in active politics will definitely bring forward various cases against her husband in the forefront. These issues will again be discussed in public.
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    Another recent Master stroke by Congress is that Mrs Priyanka Gandhi may fight election from Varanashi. Now we will see whether Mr Modi can win or not? BJP is started attacking as BJP is seeing stars in day as well.

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    The politics of dynasty still continues in the Congress party. In this general elections, Congress is going to make an all-out effort to form the government and inclusion of Priyanka Gandhi is done keeping this in mind.

    As Mr Ved Prakash Anand has already mentioned in his reply, the voters are emotional while casting their votes and the Congress has made a calculated move by keeping this aspect in mind. While the election results will only tell the outcome, it is understood that at least in UP we may witness a neck-to-neck fight between the stakeholders.


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