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    How to deal with that inexplicable moment of feeling a bit down

    Once in while are you suddenly hit by a moment of feeling low? You can't quite pinpoint the reason for it, but you just feel a bit down and simply don't feel like doing anything with your usual energetic enthusiasm. You just go through your schedule in a droopy, lethargic manner. At such moments, you feel like unloading on a close friend, have somebody to cheer you up, perhaps give you a comforting hug.

    How do you tackle such a moment and get yourself out of it?
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    I don't really have an answer. I usually just talk to my best friend. Yesterday I maddened her with a stupid comment and she refused to talk to me since then. Now I am sad that she is angry. So I am just going to let work occupy my brain. Sometimes the best way to get over something is not thinking about it at all. Just hope that tomorrow will be better and carry on. Unloading to someone close is always a good option but some of us may want to be emotionally independent. We might not like burdening someone else with our problems or we might just not like such type of conversations. So I think the best way to get over this feeling is actively indulging in life.
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    How about imagining that nothing would last forever? Our life is nothing but the combination of good & bad in different ratios & this being applicable for different individuals. What would you say when you evident of a child being born & brought-up in a hurdle free life with every comfort around but on the other hand the other person continue to suffer since its childhood days to till the time he is she is dead. For me whatever happening to us is the result of our own actions or Karma which is getting reflected during some part of our lives & as this is beyond our control we don't have any options left other than to face it boldly & come up with some good actions or jobs so as to make the future accordingly. However, we can improve our positivity in our attitude & behavior in order to live our life efficiently & effectively & furthermore don't make comparisons but still the final decisions would be of ours to decide on the course of actions.

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    An interesting query. Most of the people have such moments as well as time in their life. Feeling low. Feeling lethargic. Feeling of emptiness. It happens sometimes. With some people it might be more frequent and long lasting while the lucky few get over it quickly.

    Why we have it and what we have to do to get over it quickly is a question which some expert psychologists only can answer in authentic manner but due to my little interest in psychology subject, I have also some opinion on it which I will like to share here.

    In our life we have aspirations and hope and accordingly whatever knowledge we have with that we undertake certain tasks or endeavours but many times the results are not commensurate and we feel exerted and tired and a fatigue takes over us mentally. This restrains us to think further and for some time we simply lose our enthusiasm and interest in the things pending in our hands or jobs to be completed. An emptiness takes full control of our personality and we enter in a state of inactiveness but mentally fully analysing whatever is happening to us.

    This does not last long as the human mind is very struggle savvy and strong and it always comes back to the ring for the next round.

    So, sometimes these low moments will be there. They are a part and parcel of our life.

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    As an incorrigible introvert and a very moody person, I face this problem at regular intervals. I generally pass such time by reading humorous story-books or action-packed thriller. I always hesitate to speak to others for a long time. I also don't like to share my problems/mental lethargy with others.
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    When you are feeling down if somebody cheers you up it's great, but at times that also doesn't work. Sometimes our minds behave in a complex way and feeling down is a manifestation of that complexity. At that particular moment, you may not be able to fully analyze the reason for the feeling. Later on, when you are fine, give it a thought. Then hopefully you will be able to find out the reason of feeling down.

    All of us need to remember that life goes on even at times of difficulties. Keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy. If you wish to express your feelings to a close friend call her/him up. If they are not available, sit quietly with your eyes closed as long as you can. Take a couple of deep breaths and think you have to move forward. This may work well for you.

    One important suggestion to everyone. At times, we all face this situation of feeling down and it automatically goes away. But if it is too frequent, take help of a psychologist. Let the psychologist analyze why it is recurring at regular intervals.


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    This type of situation will be felt by almost all the people at one time or other. We feel we have lost and we will be down for some time. We will not feel like doing anything and we will be in a complete depression mood.
    If some of our known people die and we go to the burial ground with the dead body we feel very depressed. That effect will be there for some time and then slowly we will become normal. For such instances, time is the only answer.
    Whenever we feel that some injustice is done to us or whenever we feel that we have not done the work the way it is to be done we will have this feeling. Sometimes the depression will make us shout unnecessarily on somebody.
    Generally, when I get such feelings I will try to divert my mind from that thoughts by reading fiction books or novels which will make me to completely get immersed in that and my mind will get diverted from the issue which is troubling me.

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    It's a very common problem with all of us. In such a situation some of us easily get to the right mood in a short span by indulging yourself in other activities whereas few of us take more time to get out of such a situation.

    I usually in such situation indulge myself in sports. I play any sport or other recreational activity with my kids. Also, I see craft videos on youtube and with the help of my kids try to do them. I find this very helpful.

    I know it depends on person to person few people find talking to a friend helping. Any method which you may find suitable you should adopt because at that time our main issue is to get out of the stress and go ahead in our life.


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