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    Profile Photo Verification

    Dear Editor,

    Please verify my profile photo. I have applied for Google Adsense review and right now, my profile shows 'profile photo not verified' status.

    Side Note: I created another account because I thought that I couldn't recover this one and that secondary account has the same profile photo.

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    Is profile photo required to be verified by ISC management? This is new information for me. How can the management verify the photo of a person whom no one (of ISC) has seen in real life?
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    How ISC can verify the photo of a member? This is an online activity site and there is no personal contact. There may be a special procedure involved. I also don't know about this.
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    Partha and Dr Rao, please refer to the profile photo guidelines. Though the admin cannot ensure that a member is posting his original photo, the verification is to ensure that the guidelines as mentioned are followed.

    Prakash, I think profile photos are verified from time to time and not as a matter of routine. Anyway please wait for a clarification from the editors concerned. If I am not mistaken, it would be sufficient for Ad Sense purposes once you submit an original photo.

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: Thanks for the information. It was not known to me.
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    Thanks to the Lead Editor for educating me on this matter. I don't have any idea about this.
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    Actually, there are six requirements to apply for the AdSense account through ISC. Out of the six requirements, a member must fulfil at least five of them while applying. Since I am a new member, I am not aware if there was a different rule regarding this earlier.

    I am attaching a snapshot of the Adsense-api profile page for reference. I think if all the other requirements are met, profile picture verification may not be required.


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    I did not know this thing. I will also have to check it as my Google Adsense application is still pending.

    It is good that the member has posted this post which has given us opportunity for increasing the awareness in this matter.

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    What LE Saji Ganesh said is correct. For the purpose of applying for the revenue sharing program of AdSense, though, it does help to have your photo verified if at all it has been uploaded here at our site. At the same time, as Sankalan, pointed out, if the other five requirements are fulfilled, then this one is not necessarily to be met. In case the photo violates any of the photo submission guidelines, it will be deleted right away. As of now, the photo which you have uploaded has been verified.

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