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    Are costly gadgets a status symbol?

    Due to technological advancements and engineering marvels the market is flooded with all sort of gadgets. Some of these are high quality, high end ones and are costly and beyond the reach of common people.

    Many affluent and rich people buy these items and some of them even flaunt them in public or at an opportune time in the social gatherings. People are impressed with such a show off and wish if they could also had those things in their posesssions.

    Some of those who have these costly gadgets feel themselves as the distinguished and privileged lot in the society and in fact this is being seen by some of the people as a status symbol also.

    What is your view on this? Is it really a status symbol?
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    I don't think it is so these days. Yes, it used to be a status symbol earlier days. But these days latest model electronic gadgets are there in almost all houses. A family earning a lakh of rupees a month and another family earning half of that amount are all trying to get the latest model gadgets. Thanks to the EMI and credit card culture.
    I think these days having a costly car and high-value buildings are status symbols. In our younger days, women used to wear costly jewelry and everybody used to think that as a status symbol. But these days that culture also is not there. Women are not wearing too many gold ornaments.
    Everybody wants to live happily and enjoy to the possible extent as per their capacity. One should not feel they are great because of their richness. Money may be there today and tomorrow it may not be there. But having a good reputation is very important. One should know this and behave accordingly.

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    Rich and affluent people will be going for costly gadgets and it is a natural thing as they are able to afford it. The problem comes when they start flaunting it to the people and society around them and try to create an inferiority complex in others.

    The onlookers are also affected and feel themselves miserable as they feel themselves not as lucky to afford such luxuries.

    The pomp and show associated with rich people is enhanced with the addition of these gadgets and they look different from the ordinary mortals around.

    It is not in fact any status symbol but if the rich people are always associating these things with their wealth and status then it becomes a status symbol forced on us whether we acknowledge that or not.

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    For rest of the nations I am not aware of but in our country dealing with the costly gadgets certainly represents a status symbol or to the other way round, we are brand oriented consumers. No matter what but we always gets attracted towards a certain brand & with a certain price tag & with the intentions to let others know about it as more as possible.

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    No. It is not a status symbol. The world has changed and people have changed. No one thinks about their status. If we have money, we enjoy it. No small or ordinary people look at big people. These days, even a beggar has a gadget for the internet.
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    For me, I don't think that having costly gadget is not a status symbol. I don't judge people by their gadgets but there are people who believe the same. I have seen people who carry the costly mobile phones as they think it will impress others and with the time they change it whenever the latest model is released in the market. This is sad because we should not do it as there are people who think it's a wastage of money and why should they spend money on gadgets and should save their money for the things which are essential in life.

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    A status symbol has been defined as the possession of money, material or position that one perceives to be making him different from others and which he thinks would be admired by others. So, it is basically a perception entertained by an individual about his own self and has actually got nothing to do with what others think about the same.

    I am reminded of a scene in a Malayalam movie wherein one of the heroines, who is not so good at English, invites her friend to a function at their house and says that it would be a grand function and the entire expense is expected to be in lakhs. The friend responds in English and asks her at what time they should be coming and some other details. The heroine does not understand clearly and manages the show with a clumsy smile and some gestures. In this case, while one considers her money as the status symbol, the other one is proud of her proficiency in the language.

    What I mean to say is that owning a costly or advanced gadget (or anything for that matter) may be considered to be a status symbol by the person owning it and he may flaunt it or otherwise as per his culture and maturity but to expect that others would be admiring him for possessing the same would be asking for too much. People may ask him about the new gadget and its functions, cost etc to please him or to butter his pride and some may even feel bad that he is not able to possess one of that kind but the feelings entertained by each are different and it would be the person owning it only who would be considering it as a status symbol.

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