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    They committed a terrible crime! So, they have been served show-cause notice

    On last Wednesday, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) issued a show-cause notice to two of its student leaders for taking out Tiranga Yatra inside the University campus. The University administration has alleged that it had given no permission to carry out the Yatra. The show-cause notice issued by the Proctor of the University sought a reply within twenty-four hours, failing which ex-parte action would be taken against those student leaders who took out the yatra.

    This action by the AMU authorities has created a furore. But I personally feel that this is perfectly natural in such University where anti-India slogan can be heard regularly. In such anti-India environment, Tiranga Yatra is a terrible crime; so those students who committed this crime have been issued show-cause notice by the University Proctor.

    And we also know that nowadays people from minority communities are living in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in this country!
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    This incident has to be seen in two ways. One is the rules and regulations of the University. If there is a rule that any procession is to be conducted in the university campus needs permission, conducting without that permission is the mistake of the student leaders. That is one way of looking the issue.
    Another issue is when this is against the rule, how anti-Indian slogans in an Indian university that is being run with aid from the Indian government can't be viewed seriously. In the university campus, students should follow the discipline and follow the code of conduct within the premises. As such the university administration should have a common methodology to punish all the culprits. But giving show cause notice to students who conducted a Tiranga yatra and leaving the students who shouted anti-National slogans is a definite disparity shown by the university administration. This should be condemned.

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    This simply is a case of differential treatment and brings out the irony that though you can not control the anti national elements in the campus but you can control the simple people who have simply not taken a permission for a nation honouring ritual.

    As per the rules and regulations everyone doing against rules should be booked as per the severity of the case but unfortunately it is not happening in some of the educational institutions in our country and on the name of communist philosophy or some other jargon they are adhering to unpatriotic activities.

    These are serious things and should be dealt with sternly and if the administration is weak there then alternative arrangements by posting a bureaucrat or police officer can also be not ruled out.

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    If it is really true then it is disheartening and cannot be expected from an educational institution. As Dr Rao has mentioned in his reply, if the show-cause notice has been served because of any unruly activities of the students then there is a logic behind the show-cause notice, otherwise, proceedings have to be initiated against the university.

    I have read another news that says the university authorities have clarified that the show-cause notice was served on the students not for taking out the Tiranga Yatra, rather for taking out the procession without permission when the classes were already going on inside the campus. Whatever may be the issue, a proper investigation must be carried out and the guilties should be brought to book.

    No university campus inside the country be allowed to carry out anti-national activities and if there are instances of any anti-national activities coming from any educational institution, it should be closed down with immediate effect.


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    "If it is really true then it is disheartening ...."-----------------The biggest den of Indian liberals, NDTV, shared this news. So, we can say without any doubt that this is genuine news.
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    I understand, and I do not have any doubt about it. As I have mentioned in my reply that from another piece of news I got to know that the university authorities have clarified that the show-cause notice was not for carrying out the Tiranga Yatra but for taking out the procession without requisite permission and that's why I said if carrying out the Tiranga Yatra was the sole reason then it's really deplorable.

    If that was the sole reason actions must be initiated against the university as these kinds of activities are not tolerable.


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    Half truths are dangerous than lies. Selective presentation of any event can create problems. In this thread, the communal angle is brought in with a mala fide intention. The students who were issued show-cause notice asked for permission to conduct a rally in the AMU campus and their request was rejected. On 21-01-2019, they took out a bike rally without permission during working hours when the classes were going on. As per the Proctor, some outsiders and anti-social elements were also part of the rally. The Rally disturbed the classes. The students conducting the rally asked the other students to come out and join their rally. All these acts are against the rules of the University.
    The Proctor issued a show -cause notice to two students who conducted the rally and asked them to give an explanation within 24 hours failing which action will be initiated as per the disciplinary rules of the University. There is nothing wrong in issuing a notice when rules are broken.
    Recently there was a thread about viral news and social media. The social media and especially a platform like ISC should not allow any half-truth threads which are aimed at creating communal problems. The members should also respond to such threads after ascertaining the facts on their own and not based on what is presented here.

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    1. "As per the Proctor, some outsiders and anti-social elements were also part of the rally."---------------------- How did the Proctor know that anti-social elements were present? Was there any anti-social activity during the Yatra?

    2. Was there any similar action when the anti-India slogan was raised inside the campus? What was the outcome?

    3. " In this thread, the communal angle is brought in with a mala fide intention."-------Where is the communal angle? Kindly explain.

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    1. The Proctor clearly mentioned that the Security Personnel informed about the presence of outsiders and anti-social elements in the rally. First things first. Why is this rally which was not permitted by the University?
    2. Do you have any proof of anti- India slogans raised in the campus and if so the failure of the administration not taking any action?
    3. "And we also know that nowadays people from minority communities are living in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in this country!" What is the necessity of this in this thread? What is the agenda?

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    I think members should use their mind and refer the history of the threads the author has raised while evaluating this particular thread.
    It is just a propaganda to raise hate against a community. All members above except the OP have agreed that the action is due to indiscipline of the students and not because of raising the tricolor. ISC editors should take action against the OP for using ISC as a medium to spread his hateful agenda.

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    Oh! Yes. Members must use their mind. However, most of the Members use their mind to the positive direction and a few use it in the negative direction. Some support Tiranga Yatra (with or without permission) in the campus and a few support slogan-shouting like 'Bharat tere tukde honge' (that too without permission to assemble) in the campus.

    Outsiders can enter JNU and can be part of part of an anti-India rally. But definitely, outsiders can't enter AMU campus and be part of Tiranga Yatra.

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    Whataboutery is the last resort of people whose original hypocrisy, lies and intentions are exposed.
    No one is supporting Anti-India slogans. The simple truth about action against students is their indiscipline. Any reasons other than that are just to hide the truth and incite hate.

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    1. Nowadays I have been noticing free use of the term 'whataboutery' whenever something logical is spoken/written.
    2. Every libu (short-form of liberal) is supporting anti-India slogan, either directly or indirectly, in the name of Freedom of Expression (FoE). But they forget FoE at the time of Tiranga Yatra.
    3. Who incites hate? When the elder brother of former AMU Vice-Chancellor states that his children are living in an atmosphere of hate, that is not inciting hate and spreading misinformation. But if somebody protests the punitive measures for organizing Tiranga Yatra, that is inciting hate. Excellent logic!
    4. Earlier, I was advised that I should not say what Editors are required to do, or not. Is the same advice applicable to some special Member?

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    1. Sticking to the current topic of discussion is basic standard of any discussion. Another wrong can't be used to justify your own wrong. Americans bombing Japan with nuclear war heads don't justify another country doing the same. Yes, whataboutery is the last resort of hypocrites and doesn't earn you respect or points in any discussion.
    2. That is because you mix anti-Government slogans with Anti-India slogans. Democracy gives us rights to criticize the Government on any policy matter. The impunity with which sedition cases are being used are a joke to the previous rulings of the Supreme court.
    3. The punitive measures are for indiscipline. Pathetic attempts to mislead others are not going to work always. Not only Muslims, but many liberal Hindus are scared of the current spread of political hate in the country. That includes me. You need a very special sense of "logic" to label expression of fear as hate.
    4. Probably you were over exploiting the your right to attract editor attention and hence the warning? I haven't got it yet but would heed if I get the message.

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    1. In many Court cases, the lawyers give references of other judgments or cases. May Judges quote other judgments. Are these instances called 'whataboutery'? Are they called hypocrites? Just asking.
    2. Para 4 of my previous reference is for the perusal and reference of Editors, not for any ordinary Member.

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    Comparison of apple with oranges. Unproven allegations being compared with court judgements. Court judgements are like education, you build on previous learnings to improve your current actions or be guided. There is a relation between them, divorce cases are compared with divorce cases or something related, murder cases with other murder cases and so on.
    There is no relation between action taken on students of a University because of indiscipline and of another shameful happening in another University which was probably not even done by the University students and now has claims of being orchestrated. Just saying.

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    By the way, I don't see other people short naming liberals. Neither will you see me nicknaming other groups. Can you please show some respect and use proper nouns only?

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