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    Sleeping for more than eight hours leads to danger

    Many people do sleep for more than eight hours daily besides they sleep in afternoon also. This is danger one they do not realize. It has been told by our elders to have only eight hours sleeping for a good healthy condition.
    Recently a study has been made by Mc Master University of Canada through 116632 persons of age group between 35 and 70. It reveals that those who sleeps
    more than eight hours facing many problems including heart problems
    more than 8-9 hours faces 5 percent,
    more than 9-10 hours =17%,and
    more than 10 hours =41%
    It further reveals that if one sleeps less than six hours faces 9% heart problems.
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    A good sleep of about 7 to 8 hours a day is the best for all. Of course, kids can sleep for long hours. A person who sleeps early and gets up early after having 7 to 8 hours sleep will have better health. This has been stated by many doctors and proved also. This study mentioned by the author proves the same thing.
    Again sleeping in the afternoons is not really a good habit. After eating in the afternoon if we sleep the digestion problems will increase and spoil our health. In the afternoon sleeping after 2 to 3 hours of eating may not be so problematic. But total sleeping hours should not be more than 8 hours.
    A piece of good information from the author. It will help people to understand the problems involved in sleeping less or more hours than required.
    Generally, I go to bed around 10 PM and get up in the morning between 5.30 to 6 AM

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    A good post by the author on optimal sleeping hours and it is a medical fact that a balanced sleep is required for a healthy body and any disturbance in that can lead to various complications and ailments in us.

    Some people are habitual of sleeping for only 6 hours due to the habits formed over the years. Surprisingly some of them even do to take a nap in the day time.

    Though the sleep requirement is different from individual to individual and what 7 hours can do good to a person may not be sufficient for other person until he sleeps for 8 hours. So sleigh variations in requirements can be there.

    There is no substitute of good sleep. A good sleep of 5 hours is far better than a disturbed sleep of 9 hours.

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    To many, sleeping is a habit. If you continue to sleep more, it will increase and all the time you will feel sleepy. Though it varies from person to person, in general, 6-8 hours of sleep is enough to revitalize one's body. I have seen that as people ages, the duration of sleep decreases.

    From this thread, the importance of the good old saying "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" is well understood and proved yet again. We must follow a proper routine for sleep and sleeping during the daytime just after lunch must be avoided by all.


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    Although many people can manage by sleeping 4 hours per day, on an average, people sleep for six hours per day. The amount of sleep decreases at an advanced age. So, if a person sleeps more than eight hours per day on a regular basis, this indicates tiredness or some other physical problem/illness.
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    Like Sankalan said few people have a habit of sleeping. I have a habit of sleeping. In leisure time I usually sleep as it relaxes my body and mind and makes me fresh.

    But that's truth for adults 6 hours sleep is enough to give their body rest. In kids it should be more than 10 hours. Those who take less than 6 hours sleep may catch many diseases.

    This is the first time I am hearing that sleep more than 8 hours is also harmful for our health. People should avoid it if it's medically proved as it's just a survey.


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    Can we fall asleep voluntarily? I have tried many times to rest but I couldn't voluntarily. I don't think we can control our sleep. You can only control the hours of sleep. But not falling asleep when you need rest poses much bigger problems than heart conditions. See, sleep occurs because of many things. If someone is overexerting him/herself, then they are going to sleep more. There are many other factors. Depression and diabetes too make people sleep a lot than usual. Having excess lighting can affect sleep. Change in temperature affects sleep the most. Sleep is not seen as a cause but an effect in the body. Any significant damage to body also affects sleep, so I would say that the participants of that experiment were victims of physical or mental pain. Not sleeping much actually is worse than sleeping more, since you will lose weight, damage vision, have weaker appetite and go weak overall.

    And sleep hours usually depend on our routine. Our ancestors used to sleep for 8-10 hours. You and I can hardly sleep for 6 because our schedule is such. I don't think I would totally believe in the research.

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    It would be good if members who raise such topics on health for discussion also provide the source. I looked it up on the Net and the information can be confirmed at

    What was interesting about the study is that the researchers took into account (i) different geographical locations; (ii) different income levels; (iii) family health history; (iv) other factors that could affect the outcome, such as education, personal habits like smoking & taking alcohol, etc and also incorporated daytime napping in their research.

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    My personal experience is also same. A sleep of 6 - 8 hours is more than sufficient. It makes a person fresh and ready to work. If a person is still feeling sleepy after that duration then there is something wrong in his body or health. He may be more fat than needed as per his height and age.

    Sleeping extra will only make us more lethargic.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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