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    The news becomes viral!

    Do you assess whether a piece of news that is being spread through social media is true before sharing it or passing a comment? Do you discourage rumors being spread through such media or do you become part of the propaganda due to your personal interests irrespective of whether the news is true or false? Let us be true to ourselves and discuss this issue which has serious repercussions.

    In this age of different media and various social platforms, it is very natural for a piece of news to go viral. Every other day something is going viral. While it is always necessary for a piece of news or information that requires our immediate attention to go viral, nobody wants fake news to go viral. We all know the consequences of spreading fake news, so I am not going into that.

    Many times these viral messages form an opinion among the public and it becomes a hot topic in our natural conversations. Those who are net savvy and aware of the current happenings around them can very well guess by applying common sense which is original and which is a rumour. Some information is circulated just to create hype about a certain issue. When you are certain about a piece of information that it is hype, do you jump the bandwagon to discuss it in public or discourage others by saying it's just a rumour? While it is important to discuss issues that are important, shouldn't we discourage others if we find they are indulging in promoting those hypes?
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    These days electronic media is trying to spread news which is favourable to them and help the people who help them. In this process, the truths are going behind and fake news is spreading. Added to this problem, social media is adding ghee to the fire. This type of practice is not to be encouraged. No one should help the fake news to spread. Even though we receive a piece of news without knowing the accuracy of the news we should not forward that message to others. Circulating some news and creating hype is not correct. Last year a Telugu TV channel telecasted a piece of news and discussed that news for about 2 hours and ultimately it has been found to be fake news. This was done to defame the central government saying that excess gold somebody is having will be taken away by the government. That channel started interviewing various housewives and due to the interest, these housewives are having towards gold made them criticise the government. This type of practices should be condemned
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    Social media has become an ideal place to create hypes and to spread rumours. It appears that some people have no job but enough money and time to engage themselves in the social media platforms and then spread and share all sort of false, illogical and foolish things and get a deceptive pleasure out of this meaningless activity.

    It is really surprising to note that good and knowledgeable things do not spread fast but intriguing, untrue and irrationally created things get the precedence in the digital world.

    The trend is very bad and to some extent dangerous as it has a potential to make the coming generation inefficient and inactive in the real practical world. It is high time that the fake and false messages in the media get deleted with some sort of artificial intelligence in the system so that people should stop doing such mischievous seeing the deletion of their work.

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    Because these days most of us use social media too much so spreading of fake news is quite normal as there are few people who don't bother to know the authenticity of the news and start spreading it. This is very wrong and sometimes they are even trapped due to the same as these days there is cyber police too who keep on eye on such people.

    I never believe in the news which I see on social media though I receive lots of such news on WhatsApp and Facebook. Also, this why I hate using these apps. People should be cautious while spreading anything because sometimes they don't know the consequences of the same.


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    Some people are misusing the media. They are making the people fool by spreading unnecessary dubious and confusing things.

    Today the Govt is not able to nab these people as it is herculean task to catch them . Once the governance will be good and people will be punished for it then they will think twice to do such mischief.

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    Naivity is not a very good characteristic when it comes to survival. Being naive and believing any news is plain wrong. And it is not that hard even to verify if a news is legit. All you have to do is search for an official watermark. Or go through the resources in a link. It is not hard at all. But even companies like whatsapp are actively participating to see what they can do to regulate circulation of fake news. We see ads of whatsapp saying to verify the messages you get. And then you have the forward feature that helps you determine if something was just a forwarded message and not an official announcement. There are so many measures to prevent circulation of fake news. But we like to enjoy the loopholes a lot. So we still make rumors viral. Caution is very important when you are on internet.
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