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    Money magnifies Character?

    There is no doubt that we all have a different perspective towards life, towards things which are materialistic, things which make us emotional, changes us and makes us a better human. I have seen this often, that we use the term "Money, Success changed him/her". Do you really believe this?

    I have a viewpoint that Money, Success, popularity never change anyone or moulds them. These things only magnify one's character. They were like this, but now with money and power they have made their choices to highlight these traits more, they have decided to polish these skills more.

    It is always a choice. Even if you have the money or not.
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    It varies from person to person. It depends what money means to you. I have seen people to whom money is everything. They strived hard to earn money. They went crazy for money and after sometime when they earned a lot they stopped interacting with their closed ones. They even tried to avoid their relatives on different excuses, but ultimately they suffer a lot.

    Not all are the same, this happens to people who think money is the only thing in life. There are people who are very simple and down to earth though have enough money. They will never exhibit to others that they have money or fame and will interact with the rest in the usual way in their daily lives. If the feeling of 'I can do anything now' enters your mind after earning a lot of money then the problem starts. If you feel that the earnings are the consequence of your work and do not go crazy for earning more, then you can lead a good life without boasting yourself.


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    Money brings proud to the people. But people who came from a poor family and seen the problems that are being faced by the poor people will never become proud even though they earn a lot of money. These people struggle in their lives to earn money so they will never underestimate a person who is not so rich. But persons who get money from their elders will not know how to earn money and they know how to spend only. They feel great and they undervalue the less rich people.
    In our village, there was a person who started his life as a middle-class family and worked hard. He earned a lot of money by all good means. Even after earning that much money also he was never proud and he used to help poor people and used to treat them very respectfully.
    But his son never work hard and he used to shout unnecessarily on people and he never helped the poor and needy. This is due to the fact that he doesn't know how difficult it is to earn money and how his father struggled to get that money. Easy money is never advisable. In the first case, the money magnified the character of the person and in the second case, it has done the opposite to that.

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    Acquiring money is a materialistic need and it can be more or less in different people. Money helps us in acquiring assets, gadgets, luxuries and many other such things. That is why everyone is trying for a profession where sufficient money can be earned.

    The basic mould or nature of a person does not change with money what changes his apparent behaviour and other compulsions on him to avoid those people who can create inconvenience and problem for him because he has money now. To that extent his liberties and freedom are curtailed.

    Money can not get everything in life. A peaceful and satisfied life can not be achieved with only money. There are many people in the world who are very rich but they have not changed their sim,poe ways of living as they realise more pleasure in the simplicity.

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    Money is an important thing in our life but it is not everything. People have hobbies, tastes and many other things which they want to pursue for the self satisfaction and fulfilling their creative aspirations. They many times indulge in them rather to focus only for money.

    So it varies from a person to person what he wants in life and what are the things which give him satisfaction.

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    It depends on person to person. Few people always run behind money and try to find out new ways to earn money. Their main aim in life is restricted to earn money, they don't think of anything else in life. Such people repent for their such attitude in life, later on as in their whole life people forget them as they don't build a social circle.

    Also, there are people who polish their skills to earn better but they give importance to other things equal. Such people are always liked by people.

    There are people too whose attitude gets changed once they have lots of money. Their lifestyle even the way they used to treat/value people changes which is wrong as we should not change. I have seen lots of such people in life.


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    Actually rich people are different from Poor peoples. Recently i am reading books on money category. Because i wanted to understand what are the essential tools to get rich and i wanted to be rich as well as successful. I bought three books from amazon.
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    I also ordered few other books which includes
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    I also shortlisted 10+ books in my amazon wishlist for motivations, self help and money category. I hope some these books are amazing and transform my life too.

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    It differs from person to person. Someone who gets money by luck never changes. someone who makes some good money changes his attitude and behaviour forgetting the past. I don't agree that money magnifies the character of a person. It really changes the person.
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    Money can influence the lives of lot of people. It would depend upon a lot of factors such as how was his upbringings, parental attitude towards money and how he has seen his surroundings reacting towards money. The more their parents were liberal with regard to spending, the more liberal will be their children.
    However, the same logic cannot be applied to all people. We have seen that the parents were generous and liberal but opposite was the case with his son. A lot of parameters are there to influence the attitude of ones life.
    But one thing is sure, money earned through unfair means may cause total upset of health at a later stage such as heart problems, diabetes, kidney - problems etc. Such manifestations are due to prolonged negative thinking causing mental and health derailment.

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