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    KalamSat version 2 – the amazing job by our young Indian scientists

    KalamSat version 2 - This is the most lightweight satellite being launched in Earth's orbit, claimed by ISRO, and this is made by a team of 20 young students of "Space Kidz India" a private organization. This is being launched in space by ISRO. This is a telecommunication satellite which will help in the communication of radio signals for about 2 months.

    KalamSat version 2 features:
    Size – 10 cm cube
    Weight – 1.26 kg
    Cost – 12 Lakhs
    Life span – about 2 months
    Launching date and time – 24 January'19, 11:37 pm

    With the successful launch of this satellite, ISRO will leave behind NASA. If this mission is successful then ISRO will become the first space agency which will limit the space debris quantity. My best wishes with the team of ISRO.
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    It's good to know that KalamSat version 2 was developed by 20 young students and if this launch becomes successful I am sure we will be able to see more such launches by the young students of the private organization "Space Kidz India". There is no dearth of talent in our country which is yet again proved through this mission and with the proper guidance of the scientists of the ISRO there is a bright future for India in the field of space research and a manned mission to the outer space.

    My congratulations to those 20 young students. They have already made the nation proud and will surely make India a front runner in various missions to space.


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    A good information posted by the author. As we have seen in past also, ISRO is doing a very good job in the area of space research and satellite launching and India is stepping up the ladder of space savvy countries gradually.

    This satellite made by the agency appears to be a light weight and short duration one but if successful then can be thought to be manufactured in commercial proportions.

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    Yesterday I read this significant information at late night. I would only say that ISRO is not at all tired to make all the Indians feel proud. Great!
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    I have seen this information yesterday and it is a very good success. With this success, ISRO chairman is very happy and he announced students of any institute from India can bring the satellite and launching can be carried out from there. He advised the students to concentrate more on scientific studies and should make India as Scientifically developed India.
    ISRO is doing a very good service and the way scientists work there is commendable. They work very systematically and work against a target and that target will be time bound. If the college students and university students work with them, the students will learn discipline and working methodology.
    It is to congratulate a team of 20 young students of "Space Kidz India" a private organization for their excellent work and congratulate ISRO for the support they have given for the students and encouragement given to them

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    ISRO is being praised for the good work done by them and we are seeing the comments of all the big personalities and other important people telling it time to time in the media. They have shown that with hard work and team spirit any difficult work can be undertaken and success will be achieved.

    All the best to ISRO team. They are the honour for our country.

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    It's good to know that young people are doing such a nice job and if they get success then they will leave behind NASA. I wish them the good luck and congratulate these youngsters for their mission. By this, they have shown that there is abundant talent in India and the only thing is to identify them and use them for the development and growth of our country.

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