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    Does morning always shows the day?

    Since morning, it's cloudy. It's hard to find out the sun. It's hiding somewhere under the clouds and never got a chance to peep out.

    Well, this can be the situation of any morning during the rainy season. Other than the rainy season, if there are turbulences in the weather we experience the same thing. Everybody likes bright sunshine at the beginning of the day, but somehow if the weather is gloomy at the beginning and you have to go out to complete a very important task, then you take all the precautions hoping that the sun will come out somewhere in the later part of the day. Many times, the sun comes out at a later stage indicating there is some improvement in the weather.

    All of us are aware of the proverb "Morning shows the day". It means, if the beginning is bright you can very well expect the rest will be bright too, just like a bright sunny day. In general, this proverb is used as an example to predict the future of a child. It means the traits found during the childhood will indicate the quality he will bear during adulthood. There are many instances where this was proved completely wrong. You can always say that exception proves the law, but aren't we generalizing things too much while comparing this proverb with human lives? Doesn't it indicate there is no chance of further improvement? Members, what is your opinion on this?
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    A day started well will be good through out. Generally, this is the belief. In many cases it is true also. That is why when we get up in the morning we should get up with a calm mind and pray God before talking to anybody to give us a good day. A well started work will end well always. Same is the case in the starting of the day also.

    My personal experience will confirms the same. After getting up in the morning I will go for Pooja in the morning. During the prayer if every thing goes well, my day will be good. If any deviation in the prayer will indicate some disturbance during that day. Many people may not accept it and they may laugh at me. But I never feel bad to share my experience.

    People say that one should try to inculcate good habits to the children so that they will get good qualities and their life will be with good ethics and with morals. If we don't teach them these during the childhood it is not possible to teach them once they grow. It is easy to bend a plant but not a tree It is true in all the cases.

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    It happens with us frequently that we feel good on certain mornings, it could be the weather outside or our mood and mindset but the net result is feeling of happiness.

    This is the feeling of happiness which does the miracles on the day in terms of efficiency and activeness. As said - well begin is half done. When you are happy and energetic it is natural that your performance will be increased, your ambitions will be multiplied, your actions will be multi-fold and definitely the end of day will bring satisfaction and fulfillment which is the most important thing in our life.

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    A good start in the morning is definitely be going a motivating force during the day. It may be different for different individual how they feel a day in the morning bright or dull as our internal state also is responsible for what we perceive outside.
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    It is said that if you start your day by making your bed just after getting up, you will have a positive feeling and your day would go off well. Though the proverb cited suggests a different interpretation as stated by the author, it is true, I feel, that the morning weather does have an impact on how you wake up to the morning. Bright weather can cheer you up and cloudy or moody weather can make you feel dull and lazy. We cannot say that such reactions are general in nature and it depends on many factors including the typical weather conditions of the place you are in. I think it would be best not to entertain such feelings and not allow the weather to determine your mood. They are quite unpredictable just as in the case of a child who may be obedient, systematic and studious as a child and may exhibit a totally different character as he grows up and vice-versa.
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    A fine weather in the morning such as a sunny day definitely elevates the mood enabling us to perform better in any assignment being chosen by ourselves. However, a cloudy weather pouring rain sometimes should not dampen your mood because of the adverse conditions of the weather. It would be better not to guided by the mood but we should be able to adjust ourselves having little influence on the fluctuations of weather. Momentarily a bad weather may set in gloominess but we should be able to overcome it with our positivity.
    Though such an exercise requires consistent practice to shed the negative feelings associated with the gloomy weather but lazy mood can be alleviated if we are guided with some planning and entire energy is to be directed towards fulfilling the same.

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