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    We all should know our Indian National Anthem and sing it wherever required.

    Jana Gana Mana - is our India's National Anthem. Every Indian, especially the matured Indians, irrespective of religion and language, should know it by heart and sing it as and when required. If anyone refuses to sing our National Anthem is not considered to be an Indian. Even if they don't know to sing it, they should stand erect and pay respect to National Anthem when sung or played.

    Your good views and comments, please.
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    I agree with the author. All Indians should know our National Anthem and respect it. Whenever we hear this we should stand up and try sing the song. We all should make it by heart and we should be able to sing it.
    If anybody refuses to sing this we should not consider them as an Indian.
    These days we are finding some incidents where people dishonouring National Anthem and Indian flag are becoming viral in social media. We don't know how far they are true. But we should not encourage such people and see that the patriotism is taught to the children from their earlier days and during their school days. Otherwise it will become difficult to make them to know about the importance of respecting the country.

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    A good thought by the author and I fully endorse the view. Every country has its national anthem or national song which is a piece of poem but has a great meaning to show our respect and honor for the motherland and is basically to remember that this is the land where we live and it is our duty to protect it from the invaders and terrorists.

    Standing to respect it while it is playing is only symbolic to our solidarity and patriotism that in case of need we can even sacrifice bigger things in our life to protect its honor.

    To make it popular, Govt does many actions but as a citizen of this country it is our duty to pay respect and honor to this song which is a synonym to patriotism and national integrity.

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    Yes, it is really a thing to respect for us. It is said that there is no honor greater than the honor of our motherland.

    Jan Gan Man is the voice if all the Indians and to respect it is our prime duty. We should inculcate this feeling in our children.

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Frankly writing. I never thought of Republic day today. At midnight, I was watching a TV debate, and it just came in my mind and posted this thread. I am dead sure that our patriotic ISC editors won't delete my thread on this day. It will be a good subject to discuss if there is any ISCian to speak against.

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    Being a citizen of India we must know to sing the national anthem and should respect it. When I was in school we had to compulsorily sing it during morning assembly so we know it how to sing. It's sad that few people don't respect it and even don't stand when it is played on tv or anywhere.

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