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    What prompts one to bypass rules? Is it a reflection of one's character?

    It is almost a common sight when we are riding on a busy road to see motorists taking shortcuts to avoid traffic signals; sometimes they slow down their vehicle to ensure that they do not have to stop at a red signal. We also get to see people jumping signals just before the signal changes if there are no police personals around. Then there are people who might have been caught for traffic violations earlier but instead of correcting themselves or taking precautionary measures as advised tend to exhibit a tendency to avoid such police checking by either taking a deviation or speeding away thinking that the policemen have been cleverly hoodwinked. Another suitable example may be of some students who hide their mobile phones in their books to bypass a restriction by the parents that they should not be using mobiles while studying. These are just examples. We can cite many such instances where people resort to different means to bypass orders/ restrictions or to ensure that they do what they want despite such orders or restrictions.

    Why do you think some people do so? Can it be said to be a part of their character? What might be the reason behind such acts? Would it be to satisfy their ego or interest or can it also be that they derive some pleasure by bypassing?

    Let us analyze this trait socially and psychologically and have a serious discussion on the subject.
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    This is because they enjoy breaking rules. People break traffic rules because they can't wait for a minute as people have to stop and wait for a minimum of 2 minutes on a traffic signal. I myself get impatient when have to wait at traffic signal but that never encourage me to break signal.

    Kids use the mobile phone after being asked not to use them at study time because they are habitual of using them and restricting them from mobile phones for a short time makes them impatient.

    Sometimes we break rules as rules are so strict that we may find us difficult to bind ourself with them.

    But in life, we must always try not to break laid by the government or parents.


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    I think it is a human trait to oppose the restrictions and lead a free life and do whatever way one wants to live. The problem is rules and regulations come as a hindrance in this thinking and one is forced to abide by them.

    But, the subconscious mind always finds ways to circumvent the rules as far as possible.

    Another aspects is that human beings in general do not want to work hard and always search for easier routes to accomplish their tasks. This also leads to such situations of hiding things and trying to escape with some short cut or exercise.

    The last thing which comes to my mind is that we want to do what pleases us rather what the society or the system wants us to do.

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    This is the human tendency. Everyone wants easy ways to reach their destinations. It is purely carelessness on the part of the persons. This tendency will be more in youth. They feel violating the rule is an adventure. Making tricks also they think as an adventure. They never keep in mind that this tendency may lead to severe problems.
    The college going students want to show their boldness to other students. So they resort to different types of tricks like leaving the handl bar of the bike and riding, going very fast and making very dangerous cuts etc. They never realise that that may cost their lives also.
    The present method of punishment is not enough to make the people to have a fear of violations. The punishments should be very high so that they will never violate the rules.
    Another problem I noticed in college students is smoking. They come out from the class and somewhere near the college they smoke even though they know smoking in a public place is a violation of rules.

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    Well, tell the kid not to do a certain thing. For example, tell him not to touch a particular object in a room and observe him from a distance. Most probably you will find him touching that particular object inquisitively to find out why the restriction has been imposed. This is a general phenomenon in kids because of their inquisitiveness.

    Traffic rules violation is really a cause of worry and everywhere people try to violate rules. I think people feel they are entrapped when these rules are enforced. This tendency to break rules are among those who do not care about others. In many cases, we will find these people will never think of others in various situations in our daily lives. They always find an easy way to escape and since the punishment for traffic rule violations is not so strict, it continues.

    The case of students hiding mobile phones inside their books is because of the craze they have developed for the mobile devices. A student should be told about the importance of mobile devices and also why it is distracting from the beginning. Here, parents have a major role to play and before telling the kids, the parents must control their own habit of using those mobile devices.


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    Kids being inquisitive is understood, but what about elders who bypass or resort to circumventing rules or restrictions? And especially if it is done purposefully with an intention to either intimidate the other party or to show them in a bad light? Say for example, like speeding away despite the traffic police signaling one to stop.
    (Members are requested to kindly note that riding, traffic and the police have been cited as examples for easy understanding. I am talking about the aspect in a wider sense.)

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    It's a mindset which has been developed through the years in the lives of an individual about why he or she would be liable to do with certain forms of activities. Violating traffic rules is one of such activities which the author has specified in the thread & suits this scenario. If we go on listing with the reasons than this could be long but when taking care of the major reasons than one reason could be the fact that we learn from our elders. In the initial stages, we have been evident of the bikers not yet having with the driving license or not yet reached to the age limit enable by the law to facilitate for driving & those are being well supported by their family members including with their parents or may be that they are not serious of the consequences. Hope so that picture begins from here which continue to run even during their grown-up moments of their life.

    The other major reason being the scenario wherein our infrastructure is weak in order to remain vigilant over the violators. To believe than we don't have enough force to take care of the violators in the first place & again to believe than most of them are corrupt which let the violators fly away with very small amount of money or bribe could be the better term here.

    The another reason being the case wherein the violators carries with the mindset that nothing bad may happen to them including the accidents or the fear of being caught.

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    It is a human tendency to go by short cuts and people take all associated risks in following such routes.

    While doing so some rules are broken and intentional mistakes are done. People who honor the governance and are good citizens will not be doing such things and follow the correct path without bypassing the existing traditions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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