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    Grade the actors who are trying to turn as politicians.

    In our country, we have actors who are ambitious to become politicians. Due to their charming figures and heroism in cinema, they attract the public, and they dream of getting their support to become politicians. They form their own party to fight the election. There are many MPs and MLAs who are basically actors. In the south, many actors are trying their best to become Chief Minister of their state. Rajnikanth, Kamalahasan, Prakash Raj and Vijay are such actors to name.

    I would like our members to grade the following three actors' calibre to be a politician.

    1. Kamalahasan. 2. Rajnikanth 3. PrakashRaj.
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    It's very interesting to grade actors thinking how they are going to perform as politicians. Actually, in South India, many film personalities have turned into politicians and successfully ruled their states. We all know about M.G.R, N.T.R, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha. In the South, all the popular film stars are regarded as cult figures and maybe this is the reason for their success as politicians.

    In this case, on a scale of 10, I would give Kamalahasan 7, Rajnikanth 9 and PrakashRaj 5. Well, don't ask me the reason behind my ratings. I know they are all very popular and I thought this rating will suit them best when they will perform as peoples' representatives.


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    Acclaimed actors turn into politics, generally due to two reasons. One is that they are well settled as actors and their demand slowly go down in the cinema field, especially because of new generation actors. Also certain films in which they act may become a failure sometimes. That welcomes bad remarks about their performance, especially from the new generation viewers.
    Another reason for their interest in politics is the compulsions from different political parties. Certain senior actors find it difficult to join in any of the existing parties, hence they start a new Party of their own, and after election, if a few seats are won, go for bargains in the power.


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    Yes in South India actors are more liked by the people so they do well in politics. Here in north India too same is done but few do well in politics.

    I remember all the leading stars of serial "Ramayana" won the elections as they were very famous in their time.

    We have seen Rajnikanth as a good politician for many years as he is very famous among the people there.

    I would rate these three actors you mentioned in the order:

    Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj.


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    TMS sir,
    You have not rated the actors for their political calibre. Please do so if you can.

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    The film actors have a great advantage as they are already known to the public. They take mileage out of this fact and win also.

    The gullible public is not able to differentiate between a good candidate and a celebrity candidate and blindly go for their favorite star.

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    In South India there is a big fan following to many film personalities. Even in politics also the hero's of reel are considered hero's by these innocent voters of South India. That is why stars turn as politicians. MGR, NTR, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Jayaprada, roja etc are some examples.
    Coming to the question of Kamal Hassan, Rajanikanth and Prakash Raj, all the three of them are very popular. But Rajanikanth is having fan following from mass as well as class people. Kamal is having more popularity in class people. Basing on my assessment I will rate Rajanikanth as the first among the three, then Kamal and finally Prakash Raj.

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    It is a fact that popular film stars in Tamil Nadu and Andhra/ Telangana ( and not the whole of the South) do enjoy a cult image and many could take advantage of this to enter the political arena.

    Coming to the three actors suggested by the author, I would rate them as below-

    1. Prakash Raj- I have observed that he is current with his ideas, does involve himself in social issues without being influenced by any political inclination and has the guts to speak out what he has in his mind.

    2. Kamal Haasan- A very knowledgeable person and is very well connected to the masses. His ideas are clear and he speaks well but I think he has been a bit diplomatic when it comes to dealing with political issues. I doubt that he has mellowed down a bit after his political entry.

    3. Rajnikanth- He may be a crowd puller but has not been displaying any maturity in reacting to social or political issues. In fact, I think he is not very serious about his plans. I would equate him with a prominent leader in Indian politics today because he comes out with reactions that can create ripples but actions are just in the opposite direction.

    Hope my grading is quite convincing.

    Sun, I doubt whether you would be getting a fair grading in this connection from many because there are very few who would be following politics in the South and their assessment would be based on the stardom of these actors only. It would have been better if you could have included some actors from the North too and make it a national affair instead of a regional one.

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