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    We are at war with our temptations

    We as humans are always swayed or attracted to different types of temptations in life and this is quite a natural tendency. Be it a temptation for food, money, jewelry, car, bungalow, outing or anything else, at some point, we always need to resist these temptations and be more practical in our life. It is always very important to strike the right balance between both following and resisting our temptations.

    Excess of both is bad. Always restricting oneself from temptations may accumulate desperation and feeling of frustration within us which may later erupt in like a volcano. Example of this is when some conservative parents always restrict their children from things like eating outside, watching movies, extracurricular activities, dancing, singing due to which their temptations remain suppressed and may leave a negative impact to their personality.
    On the other hand, blindly, following one's temptation without resisting it always may lead to situations where more important things in life get compromised at the cost of temptations. Example of this is parents unable to resist and taking their son or daughter to the relative's marriage even if he or she has to prepare for their board exams.

    Our encounter with temptations in life is just like a shopping experience. We visit the malls and do window shopping, but we do not go inside all the shops and buy for each and everything we see. Things may look attractive to us but we resist ourselves to buy only the things we need.

    So, in order to make correct decisions in life and to be successful, it is very important to cultivate a mindset of resisting the temptations when really required. At the same time to relax and enjoy the life sometimes, it makes sense to follow your temptations as well when the situations allow you us to do so.

    Many times we are at war with our temptations, sometimes we win and sometimes they win.
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    A very good thread with good explanation about temptations. We all will have different wishes and we may not be able to get all our wishes fulfilled. Some wishes may be very big which are above your reach and some are easily done.
    Same is the case with temptations also. In my opinion temptation is nothing but a wish. Whether we see are don't we wish certain things.Temptation will come when you see the item. Some people will have a lot of temptation towards certain issues beyond their scope. But they may not withstand the temptation and go for that item by taking g loans. Repaying these loans is very difficult for them and they suffer a lot in the life.

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    A thought-provoking thread by the author describing how important it is to manage temptations. He has rightly said 'Excess of both is bad'. Actually, anything in excess is harmful. Not just materials, excessive emotions also can play a spoilsport. In many cases, we indulge in temptation because we cannot properly analyze our needs.

    The analogy of controlling our temptation with the shopping experience in malls is a nice one. Yes, we look at many things displayed at different stores in a mall, but we purchase those we require the most. People need to act in such a way that the temptation doesn't become the trap. For example, purchasing excessively without thinking of your pocket may compel you to go for short-term loans and if this continues for long, it can become unmanageable.

    Occasionally indulging in temptations may not be harmful, but it is better to think of the pros and cons before that. Although in many cases when we are tempted enough, we forget to analyze things.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A good thread initiated by the author. Rightly said that we cannot fulfil all the demands of the person. Parents restrict the temptation of a kid not only for their benefit but sometimes things which they demand are out of their budget. So one has to analyse everything before fulfilling the demands of his/her dear ones. I remember my parents never allowed me to go to the picnic organised by the school as they were scared that I might not be able to stay alone for 2-3 days, also the extra money required for it was out of their budget as they also had to look after three siblings of mine too. At that time I used to feel bad but now when I am a father of two kids I understood their situation at that time.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Controlling one's temptations is the most difficult thing in the life as it translates to controlling one's desires which are the natural instincts in life and surface out time to time and manifest in different forms.

    There is no limit to the desires and lust in our life. It is said that some saints and sages with control on their wantings develop some parameters in life which help them to renounce everything in life and achieve wantlessness but an ordinary human can not dream of achieving that stage.

    Still, we can try to control these temptations to some extent and should not allow them to dictate our life.

    Avoiding unnecessary indulgences is the only way to tame oneself against these temptations in our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very few people are able to control their temptations. It is very difficult to suppress one's desires.

    Only some saints or noble persons can have such characters that they can live without temptations.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Temptation has been defined as the desire to have or do something well knowing that it should be avoided or that it is not wise to have or do such a thing. In that sense, temptation does have a totally negative connotation. But since, as common human beings, we are prone to such temptations, I think it would be better to place different temptations in two or three levels based on the degree of their negative implications. Those like committing an act which can be a crime, doing something which will affect the life or property of self or others, trying to own something at the risk of the security of your life etc can be placed in the first degree of temptation. Then there are certain things which do not cause any serious harm to society or to yourself can be placed in the second degree and the others that do not cause any harm at all but still should be avoided if possible can be placed in the third degree and so on. While one should, by all means, avoid succumbing to the first-degree list, the second list also calls for a lot of restraint while one can afford to be a bit more liberal with the third degree of temptations.

    All said and done, the author has rightly said that most of the time, we are at war with our temptations; to do or not to do or to have or not to have is always a question that puts us into a dilemma. It is not very easy to avoid temptations and it depends on a lot many factors as to what all can tempt us. Knowing yourself properly and realizing and understanding your surroundings and the society in its real perspective can, to some extent, help us in overcoming temptation.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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