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    Should we eat prasad outside the temple?

    Recently I was going through the news and found that few people were hospitalized after they are Prasad outside the temple. It's the case of Karnataka.

    A woman died and nine others, including two children, were hospitalised after they allegedly consumed 'prasadam' served outside a temple in Chikkaballapura district, about 100 km from Bengaluru, police said Saturday.

    Three women have been detained in this connection, they said.

    Two unidentified ladies came to the Gangamma Devi temple in Chintamani Town where a grand celebration took place on Friday night and distributed halwa to the devotees. After consuming it, people started complaining of stomach pain, they were taken to a private hospital in the town.

    Is it not strange? What people get of doing such things? Do you avoid taking Prasad after knowing this incident?
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    Very recently, in the same Karnataka, due to enmity against the temple head, the temple staff served prasad mixed with some poison. Many died and many hospitalised. The prasad was served inside the temple. Yours is an unfortunate incident that the food served outside the temple got poisoned. It could be an unfortunate incident, not with any intention to take away the life of devotees. In any case, inside the temple or outside the temple, we can take prasad and eat it with trust in God. Follow up will be our destiny.
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    These are very rare events and handiwork of some evil minds.

    Anyway, we must be careful in such places and should not consume the Prasadam as it is. Believing in God and offering prayers is a good thing but blindly eating the Prasadam in doubtful cases or unhygienic cases should be avoided.

    There are many temples where the temple staff takes a lot of care in these things and the devotees need not to doubt this.

    People should be more careful. Prevention is better than cure.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many devotees consider it as pride by offering food to the other devotees and visitors as prasad in temple premises. It is done with good faith and belief as an honour to the deity. If they try to play foul, they will be punished by the deity in some way.
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    Such very rare incidents are bringing doubts in the minds of devotees. It is very unfortunate that poison is got mixed inside the temple because of the difference of opinions between the people there. It is a crime and people who has done it should be punished severely otherwise it will happen again and again. If these incidents happen frequently people will stop eating Prasada Maldonado.

    Mixing something in the Prasada outside the temple is also very bad. Why they should do it? If they have done it intentionally against somebody, why they should give it to others. They can give only to the people whom they targeted. It may be a unknown mix up.

    Anyhow when we are taking anything eatable. From an unknown person we should,d be careful whether it is Prasada or any other eatable.

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