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    "Nari Shakti" displayed on 70th Republic day.

    The first time India displayed rising women power in its military forces.

    Thousands of people including foreign dignitaries witnessed the 70th Republic Day celebrations at the Rajpath in New Delhi, where India showcased its military power including rising women power in the armed forces and cultural heritage. It was good to see as in the past it was not easy for women to get recruited in such places.

    Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi led all-male Army Service Corps (ASC) contingent during the Republic Day parade.

    Kasturi is the first lady officer to lead an all-male contingent at the Republic Day parade.

    Major Khushboo Kanwar, 30, and mother of a child, led the contingent of the Assam Rifles, the oldest paramilitary force in the country.

    Women power was the main attraction this year's parade.

    I have got a feeling now that India is developing in terms of gender equality which is essential for the growth of any country.
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    It is very good to see women power in each and every field. Now we can't say that ladies can't do this work or that work. They are showing their might in almost all the fields and overtaking men in almost all the fields. These days females are going ang joining in defence forces and showing their bravery there. The same has been showcased to day in the republic parade where many people including foreigners viewed the excellent performance of these ladies in armed forces.
    In the coming days this participation will be more and they may out number males. Chances for ladies in their profession to excel are more asthey are committed to their work and they will be more focused in reaching their targets.

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    Today I have seen many women officers and soldiers. The Assam Rifles contingent was the all-women contingent. And I have read the same news in NDTV (English) and Anandabazar Patrika (Bengali).

    (a) English:
    (b) Bengali:

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    Haven't you seen and wondered the women bikers who showcased their riding skill like men. The women are from Border Security Force. I salute those ladies who rode the bikes and showed their talent. It was a wonderful ride to watch and appreciate.
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    We first saw BSF women daredevils last year. This year also woman biker (Captain Sikha Surbhi) of Indian Army showed many stunts.

    However, I feel the best moment of this year's parade was when four nonagenarians of Netaji's INA took part in the parade for the first time. These four great soldiers are Parmanand, Lalit Ram, Hira Singh and Bhagmal. This has been possible due to the sustained effort of Major General GD Bakshi (Retd.), historian Anuj Dhar and NSA Ajit Doval.

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    This is really a great matter that women empowerment has been depicted in the 26th republic day parade and it shows the concern and seriousness of the present Govt for achieving the gender equality in true senses.

    The whole world is watching these developments and must be astonished with the spectacular feminine power showed in the parade. Talking about gender equality is one thing but to present the todays status and that also on a platform so important and of international repute, earns special thanks for the people who are behind all this great show of feminine power.

    It is only the present status and the path is still very long and tedious to reach the gender equality in all sphere of our life for a larger part of the population as what we have seen yesterday was a very small percentage of women in our country who have reached such glorious heights working shoulder to shoulder with their men counterparts.

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    This is the first time in our country when such an emphasis is given to the depiction of women achievements in a Republic day parade. It is definitely a matter to be happy for all of us and this will definitely pave a way to create more awareness in our society regarding the women empowerment.

    As other members have also pointed out the journey is not yet complete. There are many women in our country who are confined to the closet of their house and do not know anything about the open and exciting outside world. They do not have any opportunity to experience that forbidden arena. It is only a lucky few of them who have come out of that by virtue of their education and opportunities.

    Even in the developed countries women are striving for the equal rights in many respects.

    Gender bias is a very deep rooted matter in our society and it is not going an easy task to end this complex in the minds of men who are the self proclaimed superior sex.

    The relentless Govt efforts and cooperation from the society and also from the citizens can only bring further positive changes in this respect.

    Knowledge is power.

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