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    Can we have Kama Raj in India?

    We all know Mahatma Gandhi. He talked about Rama Rajya which no one has seen. Rama Rajya means - rule by Rama. No one in the world has seen Rama and experienced Rama Rajya. Why there was nothing like Rama Rajya? It was only a suggestion that was heard.

    But we all have seen and heard Kamaraj Raj. Kamaraj was the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. During his rule, Tamilnadu flourished and progressed. Mr. Kamaraj ruled the state well. His administration was excellent. He helped the poor to get educated. He was a leader of principles. He was not corrupt. All Indian praise that good old man. Though not educated, he was a kingmaker.

    Will we have another Kama Rajya in India?
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    Mr. Ramoji Rao, the Chaiman of Eendu group of papers is also a king maker but not a politiciAn who directly participated in any politics. When N T Rama Rao was the chief minister,Ramaji Rao supported him and he was the political adviser to him.When NTR started the new party Ramoji Rao has taken the point of promoting his party. Everyday he used to cover the news of NTR and his activities from morning to evening. He was never involved in corruption. Even though he never participated in politica directly but he was advising Rama Rao about all the issues.
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    Rama Rajya is a concept which signifies a good governance. Kama Raja is another name for it as illustrated by the author.

    This manly depends on the type of leaders we get in our country. If the leaders are honest and hard working they will show an example and motivate others to work in similar fashion. In an kingdom the character of the king is of utmost importance and the public will love him and follow him if he knows the fundamentals of justice and administration.

    If the king himself is dishonest and corrupt, the normal people will also learn those vices and start doing evil things. So, a just and transparent leadership is the need of the hour and it can only bring the Rama Rajya or Kama Rajya in our country.

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    The title of this thread suggests, can we have a leader like Kamaraj? Nowadays, it's really very hard to find an honest politician and it is surprising that more than 30% of the elected representatives in both state and central cabinets are facing some kind of criminal charges. It's hard to find a politician who is only thinking for the countrymen, so I would say at this juncture leaders like Kamaraj will fear to join politics.

    From the last line of this thread "Will we have another Kama Rajya in India"? Can I interpret this in a different way? In Hindi, Kama means work. Now if the author wanted to mean whether we want a state that works, I would definitely say yes, given the pathetic attitude shown by many government departments.


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    It's not easy to find honest politicians these days like Lord Rama. Yes, of course, no one saw his governance but its said tgat in his rule public was happy and there was no corruption. Hope we will have such leader in future too.

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