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    When in conflict with someone place yourself in other person’s shoes

    Do you think placing yourself in another person's shoes when there is a conflict of ideas or opinion will help in resolving conflicts? Will trying to read the other person's mind give you a better understanding of the issue and help you in taking a mature and correct decision? Join this discussion and share your views.

    Whether it is conflict at a workplace, home or with friends and relatives, the root cause of it is the difference in Individual thinking, perceptions, and opinions. Person A thinks that he is right on his place while person B thinks that he is right on his place, but no one tries to exchange their places and then think. It is sometimes seen that getting into other person's shoes and then thinking makes a person realize the other party's viewpoint and this proves helpful in resolving conflicts.

    Only when we try to think from another person's viewpoint we would be able to visualize as to what we would have done if we were in the same situation as another person. This sometimes proves extremely helpful in reaching a compromise during conflicts.

    So, when in conflict just place yourself in other person's shoes and analyze the situation. Perhaps this may prove helpful in resolving the conflict.
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    Very good advice has been given by the author through this thread. Conflicts always arise out of differences between two person's thinking and since nobody wishes to budge from her/his opinion the conflict starts. This conflict may take different forms and at times we show our aggression towards the other person. This aggression never solves the conflict, rather makes the situation more complex.

    In conflicting situations, there is every possibility to hurt other's feelings and if we can put ourselves in place of the other, we can realize how the other person feels when we behave in an aggressive manner. Any kind of conflict is not intentional and since there is misunderstanding behind every conflict we remain busy to prove our point and show anger. When we are very angry, we lose our analytical sense of mind and engage in such activities that we do not wish to do in normal conditions. During any conflicting situations, if we try to place ourselves in other persons' shoes it helps us to realize the others' point of view rather than arguing to prove the point.

    Therefore, during conflicts, it is necessary to understand the other's point of view and one needs to put her/himself in place of the other to understand what the other is trying to say.


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    Very interesting and useful post by the author.

    If all the people become wise like that most of the conflicts will be resolved. Understanding other person's point of view is a very important thing if someone is really serious to resolve the differences.

    In practical life people do not see these solutions and in their rage exaggerate the fighting and lose the mental peace.

    This is truly a sincere advice which can nip in the bud many of our scuttles with each other.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If everyone can think this way there will not be any conflicts at all. When we differ from other person's thinking process, we should also think why the other person is asking that argument. Is there any strong point in his argument is also to be thought offf.
    But here the ego will come in. When we have that ego we feel that under any circumstances we should not accept the other person's point. If The other person also thinks the same way the argument will go further. Sound will come only when both the hands strike each other.
    If one can develop this attitude, the whole world will be at peace with him. So let us all try to inculcate the habit of thinking the point taking the opposite persons's thought process also into account so that there will not be any disputes.

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    A good thought by the author in this thread. It will definitely help in conflict resolution.
    Unfortunately we do not follow this golden guidance as our ego comes in between and we continue fighting and do not want to understand the other man's perspective.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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