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    Do you think Mr.P.V. Narasimha Rao, Mr.Manmohan Singh and Mr.Advani deserves Bharatratna?

    Political stalwarts like Mr.Vajpayee, Mr.Pranab got Bharatratna awards for their relentless contributions in serving the public as politicians. Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao and Mr. Manmohan Singh are considered to be the duo architects of economic reforms in India. They together helped to strengthen our economic prospect in the global economy. So they really deserve Bharatratna according to many political pundits. Mr.Advani is an old generation leader who has an illustrious career as a politician. There is a lot of bad talk regarding the selection of candidates for these awards in the present as well as in the past? Do you think all the above people deserve Bharatratna for their great contributions to the country?
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    I feel P V Narasimha Rao deserves Bharat Ratna. But the Congress people never considered him as their party candidate due to Sonia Gandhi's dislike towards him. Even his dead body was not allowed into Congress office and no place was given for cremating his dead body in New Delhi. Otherwise UPA government might have considered his name. Anyhow the BJP government might have thought of him. But this year it had not happened. Let us see whether they can consider his name next year.

    Coming to Manmohan I feel Congress if comes to power again they may give him. I personally feel thst he might have shown his individuality as PM at least in times of conflicts. But he never done it.

    Advani may be also a suitable man for this. But the present government may be having others important names before his name being considered. That is why they have not considered him. If next time UPA comes into power they may consider his name.

    I feel from South they might have considered N T Rama Rao for this highest civilian award of India.

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    There are many greats who deserve Bharat Ratna from various fields. I am mentioning only two:-

    The hockey wizard Dhyanchand is my first choice. This great but extremely humble sportsman was/is known all over the world due to his jugglery with the hockey stick. He firmly placed India on the top of the world of hockey before the independence.

    The unsung political leader PV Narasimha Rao who brought India back from the brink of economic disaster, is my second candidate. Do we still remember those terrible days of 1991? The Balance of Payment condition of the country was precarious. The foreign exchange reserve was less than seven days. This old man took charge as the Prime Minister and asked Dr. Manmohan Singh, his Finance Minister, to take every possible measure to bring India back from the brink of disaster. Today, when India is going to be an economic superpower, shouldn't we remember the leader who initiated the economic reforms? Many Indians don't know the real architect behind the country's economic reforms. But we should remember how his dead body was 'honoured' at Congress Headquarter.

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    These days, Bharat Ratna has no value. The party in power awards this prestigious award to their liking. It should be awarded only to a person who really deserves it. Why should we award it to ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents? No politician deserves this award. None from your list deserves this award. Only our former President Dr Abdul Kalam deserves this award
    (He received it in the year 1997).

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    Bharat Ratna is a prestigious award and is given for exemplary service.

    From that angle seeing the massive work carried out during the time of P V Narasimha Rao, he truly deserves it.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    It is the post and appointment held by PV Narasimha Rao made it possible. The awardee should be looked at from a different angle. Like Dr Kalam who strived hard as a scientist and done his best without holding any post. He was a gem. That's what the Ratna of Bharat should be!

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    I think Manmohan Singh was a silent worker who tried his best to take the economic conditions of country to a new horizon.

    P V Nasheman Rao also did a good work during his time and there were many things which we can attribute to him.

    Advani is also a stalwart but his efforts are focussed in one particular channel and limited to one specific ideology.

    Now seeing their work, I do not think that any of them stand a chance for Bharat Ratna because Bharat Ratna is basically for some outstanding work along with what one delivers by virtue of his position.

    So it depends upon the panel who proposes the name but in my opinion none of them may get it. Of course there may be political reasons and considerations also that the ruling party may consider one of them for this award.

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