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    What will be the impact of Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi in the upcoming elections of India?

    From long long back supporters of Congress, Congress workers and people of India are thinking about the entry of Mrs.Priyanka into active politics. But because of her personal and family reasons she had not entered active politics till now. Now and then she helped her mother and brother in election campaigns. But at present she is going to enter active politics directly from the most important state of UP. She may become a trump card for Congress as she is a great crowd puller in election campaign because of the charismatic outlook of her grand maa and also a fresh leader connected to the younger generation. BJP people may say dynastic entry but remember without people's vote none will come to rule us in democracy. In my opinion with Mr.Modi and BJP facing incumbency from all parts of the country, Mrs.Priyanka may create a wave for Congress and may upset BJP?
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    Ms. Priyanka Gandhi is now coming to directly participate in active politics. Earlier also she used to spend some time but later on discontinued. Now he brother made her to accept his proposal and decide to enter into active politics. Congress is thinking that her entry may give some boost to their party. But what exactly happens is to be seen.
    She resembles he grandmother in appearance but her speech is not like her grandmother. So how far she can pull the crowd towards her party is a big question for which we have to wait till the election are over. Personally I feel expecting a big swing towards Congress because of her presence is not a correct issue. The impact may be very less. But the free bucks and facilities that are given by the government might have reached the people and they might have made of their presence by this time.

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    It's too early to speculate if Priyanka Gandhi may be able to get votes for Congress. She definitely looks like her grandmother but she doesn't think like her grandmother that's for sure.

    No doubt voters will definitely vote for her in a hope that she will do good for the public but I am not. She may not be an active politician in the past but she might have been the advisor to her brother indirectly.

    Congress thinks Priyanka to be a trump card but she is like an ordinary politician. She is being given an unnecessary hype in the coming election. Let's see what happens.


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    Congress has moved its last trump card also and now we have to see the mood of the voters which side it goes.

    The voters are mostly biased in their mind and having affiliations with different groups and it is difficult to predict their inclination at the last moment.

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    Though it's too early to predict the impact, Congress has made a very calculative move by bringing her and giving her the charge of Eastern UP . She may resemble her Grandmother and since people are very emotional while voting for the candidates this choice may influence people to get swayed.

    Ultimately the developmental works and connect with the people matter most. Though Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra helped her mother and brother during campaigns, nobody knows her ability to work for the people or carry their message forward to the appropriate level. Emotion may play a great role at the beginning, but later if it works for people then only it will be continued. Though we need to wait for some more time, this move is going to work positively for the Congress at least for this elections.


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