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    Do you use the same toothpaste regularly or change the brand frequently?

    During my childhood days, I used Colgate toothpaste and at times in our family, we used Binaca toothpaste. We used to buy Binaca toothpaste at that time as they used to give beautiful small animal plastic molds and sticker pictures which could be pasted on to glass and wood. At the teenage time, we mostly used Closeup gel toothpaste. After that, as I started off on my own, I tried many kinds of toothpaste like Meshwak, Amway, Dabur Red, Babool, Aayush, Himalayan Total tooth care etc. Nowadays I tend to use herbal toothpaste as I find these are good to stop bad breath.

    Members what about your experience with kinds of toothpaste? Has a brand become your habit or do you keep changing the brand?
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    I generally use Colgate or Dabur toothpaste. I don't use any other brand. However, there are so many variants within Colgate itself.

    However, much earlier I had to use medicated toothpaste for two months or so as per the advice of the dentist.

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    We used to use Forhans in childhood then started using Colgate and Pepsodent. We have used dantkranti also but didn't find good. Then started closeup due to its red colour but now again shifted to Colgate as I find it the best.

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    During my childhood, I used Gopal tooth powder and Colgate toothpowder. My index finger was used as a brush. Later I was using Colgate and Binaca. I used Dabur too. Now I am using only Sensodyne toothpaste and Sensodyne toothbrush.
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    During my childhood I was using a tooth powder manufactured by a famous Ayurvedic Establishment in our place. It is a medicinal preparation and very good. During my education and early employment I was using mainly close up paste only. Within the same brand we are having different types. We used always close up only. But there may be change in the variety. But from the last 4 years we stopped using. Close up and started using Patanjali Pastr. In this brand also there are two types. Whatever is available among these two will be purchased and used. Patanjali products are good and all our family members are liking this.
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    I was using colgate powder for quite sometime and then I switched to Dabur.

    Now I have gone to Patanjali padte and continuing it. It appears to be good for gums and removal of bad breath condition.

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    I tried only a few varieties but stuck to Colgate toothpaste. I remember, during my childhood, I used Colgate tooth powder for some time, but later switched to Colgate toothpaste. I used Patanjali's toothpaste also but didn't continue it for long. Actually, I never experimented much with the toothpaste and stuck to one brand, though I would say it's always better to experiment at first and then settle for what suits you best.

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    I was using colgate for quite some time. Lately I started using Dabur which appeared to me better for gums and teeth shining.

    I am continuing with Dabur.

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