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    What a change in Partha's profile!

    Have you observed the change in Mr.Partha's profile? A young girl is seen as Partha. Are such changes allowed at ISC?
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    It's up to the member to use any profile picture unless it is not objectionable. I have seen his profile pic. It's perfectly fine to use any picture as per my knowledge.

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    Sanjeev Gup[ta,
    According to my understanding, a male member cannot upload an image of a female. It is only a privilege given to a female member to upload her children's image if she is not willing to upload her own image.

    Let us wait for the ISC admin to clarify.

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    I have checked the guidelines for you from the help section and it says:

    "When you upload a profile photo, follow the below guidelines:

    - Photo should be of type .gif, .png or .jpg

    -You may use photos of your kids, parents or a family picture.

    - You may use group photos if you are in the photo and you are sure that other members of the group do not object using the photo in your profile.

    - Photos of objects, animals, flowers, nature etc are allowed, however, not recommended.

    - Do not use copyrighted images as a profile photo.

    - Do not use photos of business, institutes, organizations etc.

    - Do not use the logo of any other websites, businesses or organizations as a profile photo.

    - Do not use photos of any other person other than you. Celebrity photos are definitely not allowed. If you are using the photo of a human, you or your immediate family members should be part of the picture".

    Hope this is okay.


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    There is no need for anyone to raise a thread just to question somebody's profile photo. Is it a topic for forum discussion? In case any member wishes to bring to the admin's notice some objectionable photo or one which does not adhere to photo submission guidelines, all they have to do is contact Lead Editor Saji Ganesh who will inform the Webmasters. There is also the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page to communicate with the Webmasters.

    There is no rule that female photos should not be allowed at the profile page of a male member. Please do not create self-made rules. Instead, one could clarify what is the current rule/policy.

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