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    News Papers becoming redundant, these days ?

    With so many News Channels in the drawing room, bringing varieties of news almost every hour the News papers are becoming redundant. This is my personal view only. I am getting three different News papers regularly, two in my mother tongue and one in English. But I very often do not read them except, perhaps, the titles. Sometimes if any good article is there the same may be read.
    I get this attitude of stopping news papers, especially when I find advertisements pages after pages. Why do we pay for these advertisements.
    There are about ten News Channels in the local language (Malayalam) itself, in addition to several such channels in English as well as in other languages. I know News Papers can be kept for future references, that is an advantage, no doubt. I am not against news papers. Just posing an issue for discussion.
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    Whether we read them are not many of us will purchase paper daily. I purchase two daily newspapers. One English paper and the other one Telugu paper. I spend15 to 20 minutes. Nobody go through these papers in my house. These days papers are full of advertisements and one page advertisements are very high. As mentioned by the author, we will be getting vexed to see so many advertisements. Strictly speaking there is no necessity of these newspapers these days. There are many news channels and they will be telecasting all news. So we will not find any news interesting as we already know the details. Slowly mNy people stop purchasing these newspapers I think.
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    1. Newspapers have not been redundant. In my locality, in every dwelling unit, at least one newspaper arrives everyday.
    2. But I don't know whether people read the newspaper thoroughly, or not.
    3. The people who read newspapers, also read the online edition of different newspapers nowadays (example: Partha K.).
    4. Not only providing fresh news every morning, but newspapers are also used for many other purposes, which almost all of us know.
    5. In addition, the old newspapers provide a fairly good amount of money. It is sold @ Rs. 12-13 per kg.

    So, Long Live Newspapers!

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    These days newspapers have almost become obsolete when there are many channels on the tv where one can watch the latest news whole day. Also, there are many online sites of the news channel where one can read the latest news whenever have a desire to read. But still, there are few people who have the habit of reading newspaper due to the articles they present. My elder brother has all the facility of the internet as well as a tv but still, he starts his day with the newspaper. It seems he has an addition. He cannot live without reading a newspaper.

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    Yes, news papers become reduntant today in our hurry burry life. From last year onwards I stopped buying news paper. In my Childhood time we used to get two Newspapers one is Indian Express and the other is Andhra Patrika and at times we used to have Hindu and Andhraprabha. After that, we used to get Eenadu for a long time and finally Saakshi. But from last year onwards I am using online e-papers both national and local language papers of my interest at my convenience. I also installed Mobile Apps of Indian Express, Andhrajyothi, and Andhraprabha from which I get live news at any moment. For the convenience of reading sake, we have to buy paper otherwise any specific day and year papers of any publication are available online.

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    It is true that newspapers are becoming redundant and the time is coming when we may get them only in online.

    People are switching from physical newspapers to online mode and once they become habitual of online then this may not be required at all.

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    I do agree that in this age of information, people use varieties of sources to collect information and thus the newspapers have lost their charm. When you can stay updated 24*7 just by tapping on your mobile devices you will hardly wait for the newspaper vendor to deliver the newspaper of your choice to get all the necessary information. But there are a few advantages of newspapers for which they will be in circulation.

    1. Our memory is very short and though we read interesting articles online, we hardly save them for our future reference. We can keep those newspapers publishing thought-provoking articles and can refer to them when needed.
    2. There are different sections in the newspapers like Editorials, Letters to the editor, Opinions etc. These types of analysis are missing in news channels, though regularly we can listen to debates on various topics. Most of the time you won't be able to stick to the debates for a long time because of the noises made by the participants.
    3. Looking at a moving screen all the time affects our health and for that reason, it is always better to read hard copies of books and newspapers for some time.


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    My personal opinion is that Newspapers cannot be replaced by any other media and therefore I don't think it has become redundant. The satisfaction you get by reading a newspaper and the way it allows you to exercise your mind is something unique. It allows you to remain in a world that is entirely yours unlike the prompts, visuals and discussions in the visual media that is in fact, I feel, a distraction.

    I agree that the space provided for advertisements by the newspaper houses is very much irritating but then we have to admit that they will have to resort to such business plans to stay afloat in the arena of competition.

    But, reading a newspaper in the morning opens your eyes to all the important incidents in the past 24 hours and allows you to form a convincing opinion about the happenings across the world. While the 24X7 channels keep repeating news and sometimes create news for the sake of it because they have to keep the show running, the newspapers reach you as a comprehensive package. Online versions do not cover all the details most of the time and it does not actually give one the same satisfaction that is derived by reading a newspaper.

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    I don't disagree completely onto this but still to most of the percentage this is not that much required now. With the availability of internet 24*7, the news are available live for the news hungry people that we don't have to wait for an update the next morning. This is not the end here but this is consisting along with the debates & news analysis from the most experienced individuals from the subjected fields or areas. Other than this, the advertisements too are getting irritating for the readers as most of the time we got the pages full of ads of different brands & launched schemes but we can't help it because of the increased competition this has become the need of the hour.

    But even after all this, the use of the newspapers has got its own importance & like from most of us which is not easy to get replaced with in this current digital world, more especially when you have got good enough time to spend on the details of the news. In addition, in any digital platform you wouldn't be able to get the news of the local areas wherein you are currently residing at till the time this is of utmost importance & this is in here too that we find a good reason to purchase & go through the pages for your choice of news.

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    Very often, even in most of the popular News Papers, the first two pages are completely set apart for advertisements. Seeing this in the morning time I very often do not read the News paper. Long back I recollect that the first page of 'the Hindu' used to have only classified advertisements. News appear only from third page. Later they changed it. Classified ads are now getting replaced with one full ads, not every day.

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    Neither news channel nor online news websites can make the newspaper obsolete. Every morning going through a newspaper is always a refreshing experience which is impossible if we view a news channel or surf news websites.
    The editorial page is very interesting which we can't get from the news channel, and on the website, it is not that handy. Reading newspaper is an all-time favourite pastime.


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