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    When the mind matters

    "Please do not mind". Well, we say this to others at times because we think others may take things too personally or think otherwise. This term is used just as a precaution to avoid the consequence of directly attributing a comment to the other person. We use this term to point out some deficiencies in a situation or others' actions. It is natural to become more conscious when somebody tells us "Please don't mind".

    Actually, the activities inside the minds of others cannot be understood from outside. We may tell the other person not to mind on a certain issue, but it cannot be said definitely that the person never minded about it. She/he may not express it in front of us at that moment, but actually, the mind may have worked usually and took it in another way despite the warning. So, whether you mind it or not, never take things too personally. There are people who tend to take everything personally and I think it's a habit. Better to change that habit, if you do not mind.
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    Good. We may hear what the other person is talking and we may see what the other person is doing. But we can't understand what the other man is thinking or what is going on his mind. It is natural we may be present physically at a place but our mind may be thinking something else.
    When we are talking something, the other person may take it personally and may get upset with our words and actions. If we say something the other may take it in a different way. In such case, we may say don't mind, please.
    We all should not take others words personally and start feeling bad. During the course of the discussion, we may hear some words which we may not like. Even then we should not mind and leave the words there itself. That will be better always. Otherwise, if we go on thinking about the same issue we will get upset and unnecessarily we will have problems with others.

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    It is a natural tendency of human beings to mind especially something in the form of taunts or innuendoes.

    It is not that we mind what others are telling, sometimes our mindset takes things in their negative perspective and we mind them though the speaker had never meant that.

    It is true that people should try to tame their minds by not minding the insignificant and trivial things. This is very much required for a peaceful and calm life.

    Doubting and taking everything as an offensive one is a bad trait and we must try to improve our temperament in that respect.

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    A very good thread indeed! It is true that nobody knows how our mind works. It is extremely complex. In some cases, I have noticed that when a particular incident occurred, the affected person took it in a good-humoured way. But as soon as the other person said, "Please don't mind", the affected person started to mind very seriously!
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    It's very normal that mind thinks it never stops thinking when someone asks it to. It's very easy to say "don't mind" to others but its difficult for them to act on it.

    There are people who are extremely emotional and get hurt even for the small things. For them, we should think before saying anything.

    It's just for a courtesy we say "don't mind it" otherwise people mind things which they feel bad.


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    Whenever we feel that there are a chance of other person getting offended or that persons mindset is generally of not accepting other's point of view then we become cautious and say that - do not mind if I say like this or that.

    Many people use this precautionary phrase while discussing the matters while some use it as a matter of habit.

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    The saying 'don't mind' is usually very formal. Most of The people use it and try to ridicule someone in a very decent manner which in my opinion is very ridiculous.
    Why pass a comment when it is known that someone or a section of a group might get hurt! The moment when the phrase, don't mind, is uttered that means he or she knows it well that it could be hurtful to a person and by using of the phrase, every individual becomes conscious. It is a bad practice. A very small group of people in this world is sporting so it is better to keep in mind not to hurt anyone through the spoken words.


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