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    Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.

    Students are generally told by their patents to pursue a particular career. If the student likes that it is well and good but in other cases, it becomes difficult for him to pursue the advised career as against her own aptitude and passion.

    It becomes difficult for him to convince his parents regarding his passion thinking that they will not approve it considering that career line as useless.

    There are many other situations where a person is forced to choose a line where his interests do not lie. He just accepts it for his livelihood.

    I feel that a person should try to do what he likes and where he can contribute best as per his capabilities and that is the way to achieve success and happiness in the life.

    What do you opine about it?
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    I agree. The parents should not force their wishes on their children. They should give a free hand to choose them their line of interest. If we force and make the children to join in a course which they may not like will make them to show no interest towards their studies. We should leave the selection to them. But after selecting the course, if they are not doing well then parents should advise and see that they will fall in line.
    Coming to the career also choosing a job should be in the hands of the person. But unfortunately, in our country, the person is not having a choice. He has to join in the job whatever he gets. But after joining he should develop an interest in that line and excel. Otherwise, they will become slow in getting career pushed.

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    While going for a career it is important to have interest and aptitude in that area otherwise it will be a life long adjustment.

    One should be very alert in this matter because one can not put his or her best efforts in an area where there is lack of interest. Doing anything reluctantly will never bring good results.

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    I agree with the author. One should choose a career in which interest lies. In my case, I never wanted to do engineering I did it because my parents wanted me to do otherwise I wanted to do PhD in mathematics and wanted to be a lecturer which I could not do. Now at the age of 42 and experience of around 20 years, I feel I could have done better if I were in the teaching field. No doubt the salary would have been less but I would have enjoyed what I would have been doing.

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    The author is absolutely correct. Many parents force their children to study subjects that they do not like. In our country, not only studies but many more things are forced upon the kids and after some time the problem starts. A child will always excel in the field that she/he likes and accordingly will choose the career.

    The problem is many parents feel their child is incapable of taking the correct decision and hence they decide it for their child. The unfulfilled personal wishes of the parents also come in force while making the decision of the career of a student and it seems many are following a prescription while making this choice.

    It is the responsibility of every parent to find out the special traits and interests of the child and nurture her/him accordingly to excel in life. If a child is very good at music, is there any point in forcing that child to study hard and becoming an engineer? Unfortunately, in our country, this method is not followed in most of the cases and parents become more tensed than the students during different types of assessments.


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