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    Why do we often run away from the debates?

    During recent of the times this has been one of my favorite topics on which I would like to listen to the views of the others. There are often the scenarios wherein the concerns & topics are raised with different perceptions from different individuals. Few of the submissions go in favor with the topic & few other don't favor the matter & therefore go ahead with different facts & figures in order to prove their point. There are also the numbers who being undecided on the subject matter find it good to leave it on the rest of the members for the final outcome. But during all these actions & reactions, the discussions are often evident of the non-respondents in the end. Why does it happen finally?
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    There may be many reasons for running away from the debate. One may not be having an idea about the subject of debate and hence he may not participate in the debate. We may not call it as running away. Some people will not show interest in the debate as they are not very conversant about discussing the problems in presence of many people. In some cases, people will not participate actively in the discussion if one of the participants is a senior person and he will force the other people to accept his views. In such case other people will think participating in the discussion is a waste.
    In another case, if one of the participants is very arrogant and he will not understand the point of view of the other person, many people will not come forward to discuss the issue.
    There may be many other reasons like this. But I feel it is better always to participate in the debate and put forward our point of view before the people. They may appreciate or not, it is better to put forward and le ave it there

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    People who have convincing and knowledgeable points in the favour or against of a discussion topic will never leave the discussions. Only those who are not clear about the issue and are not well informed in the matter will leave.

    Discussions are to reach a conclusion not to offend anyone.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    When somebody is unable to form an opinion either for the motion or against the motion of debate then it is expected that he will not participate in the debate. It is not actually running away from the debate. In our daily lives also there may be certain situations when we become undecided.

    Now in the case of debate, in certain situations, you have to cite examples to prove your point. In any debate, there is no point in repeating what the other participant has already said. You can elaborate on those points to make them more prominent. In case you are unable to do that, the debate will become less interesting and full of repetitive comments.

    There are a few people who are very argumentative and will go to any means to prove their point. They never hesitate to demean others who are expressing the opposite views and at times use abusive languages. This makes the atmosphere unhealthy. So if a person is aware of her/his shortcomings during participation in debates or unable to clearly form an opinion, then it is better not to participate.


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    There are many reasons for it. The main reason being the person doesn't know much about the topic so whatever he knows he writes and leaves. Whereas there are few people who know the facts but still doesn't want to argue with the others. Also, there are people who dont want to oppose the person to go in favour of the person even he is not totally in favour of the topic.

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    We often have noticed that either our facts are not factually correct or we go ahead with diverting with the subject matter. In most of the cases, intentionally we remain biased with the main topic being the case that ultimately we are belonging to a certain kind of ideologies & therefore we have no other ways left other than to keep on opposing. Do you feel that we are evident of this more often now?

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    I feel that if a person doesn't know anything about the issue being discussed, he/she should not enter into the discussion. Further, if after submitting his/her view, a person feels that further in-depth discussion is beyond his/her personal knowledge or experience, this should be firmly stated.

    Abruptly leaving the discussion without explanation is not a healthy trend.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Absolutely when we keep on opposing someone but don't have the facts to prove yourself then we have to leave the discussion because there is no point to discuss it. Sometimes when you have put your opinion firmly the person doesn't want to agree in such case also you have to leave it.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A nice post indeed. The intellect of humans drive them to discuss. The knowledge helps in discussing. Arguments and counter arguments are made only to fuel the discussions further.

    Some people discuss thread bare seeing the both sides of coin. But there are many who are prejudiced and have certain notions about things and do not try to understand the other man's proposition and stick to their viewpoint.

    This brings an adamancy in the discussions and solutions do not emerge. Things remain unsettled and unresolved.

    The most unwanted thing is discussion for discussion sakes. That becomes disgusting sometimes.

    Patient and knowledgeable people never quit discussions. They will try to understand the points raised by others also with ease.

    The arrogant and egoistic people will leave the scene to escape unacceptance of their ideology.

    Knowledge is power.

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