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    How feasible would this merger be?

    In a country like ours, where the population is so massive, it would be difficult to implement such laws. But if done in phases, slowly and gradually, I am sure that this can be a reality.

    How about merging all private hospitals into Government Hospitals and all private institutes into Government Schools and colleges?

    It might look like a humongous task and but if done properly, the generations to come would have quality education and health without worrying much about the finances.

    I believe that every human's basic right is to get a proper education and health. With private institutes, many students have lost the opportunity to follow their dream, either because of finances or reservation.

    What is your opinion?
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    India is a highly populated country. It is not possible for the Government alone to provide educational and medical facilities to all. Private participation is essential to provide all these facilities. Who will bear the expenditure if all these institutions are merged as suggested by you?
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    It may not be practically possible. Because government schools and hospitals will be maintained by government employees. These employees will not be paying full concentration in the work they are doing. We see many government doctors only working in many private hospitals also.
    Similarly, the government teachers want to earn extra income by taking tuitions to students. So they never teach properly in the schools. There may be a few exemptions in both the cases. But the majority will not give their 100% in their work.
    The government can't provide free education and free medical help to all the people as the money involved is huge.
    But the government can bring in good control over all these private schools and hospitals and see that they will not charge abnormally high so that common man can also reach them.

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    No doubt, our schools and hospitals are very important and they are directly connected with people of the country. Any deformation in any of the two is a huge problem for the contry.
    Weather private or govt, focus should be on qualityand affordable health services to all especially poor, to make India healthy, and provide better education to people for which the govt can play a better role.
    Govt can control hospitals from charging high - a must thing to do to bring relief to the common masses.

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    The thought raised by the author is praiseworthy. It is a herculean task but not impossible and if there is a will there is a way.

    There are some considerations which are to be fully understood before any such revamping action. As other members have also opined, we are a big country and a huge budget and manpower will be required to go for the scheme. More importantly the problem of governance in our country. We are already suffering in many areas because of poor governance and mis management.

    Common public will welcome this idea as the medical charges will drastically come down. But the rich and well to do will be deprived of good service and may have to go to other countries where private hospitals would be there.

    Not only in medical but there are many areas like education where people talk of full nationalisation but the thing is that are we capable of managing that with our lukewarm working speeds and low efficiencies in many of the Govt departments.

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    The idea raised by the author is praiseworthy and there is no denyl that such a merger would offer great relief to the poors. However. by having a look of a government - hospital and government school, we find one thing common that is the the capability of doctors and teachers are unparallel in terms of efficiency but with the assured payment and the least intervention of the higher ups in their working style makes them somewhat complacent and lethargic.
    In the hospitals, the doctors would come across numerous patients needing immediate help in the form of surgery but the admitting doctor may lack such sensitivity in calling a surgeon so that surgery could be initiated. We have enough reports of distributing the medicines of expiry date to the patients. So, what is the guarantee of the reversal such trends in that scenario. In the government schools, the environment lack competitiveness among the students due to insensivity of the teachers.
    Idea looks fine but we have to go a long way to achieve superiority if we talk of amalgamation of the private run hospitals and schools with the government ones.

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    It won't be possible in our largely populated country. It will not be possible to have all government run hospitals and educational institutions. But we can bring all private hospitals and educational institutions under the control of government.
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    The suggestion of the author is good but I don't see the government hospitals and educational institutes are merging with the private ones in the near future. First of all education and healthcare are the two noble professions throughout the world and in India, these two are the most lucrative businesses. The private medical practitioners, in many areas, are creating patients and admitting them to hospitals even when it is not required. Though there are government regulations, they are not strictly followed everywhere. When doctors of the government hospitals are not hesitating to practice in public, the apathy of those professionals towards adhering to the guidelines of the government is well understood.

    On the other hand, students, in many cases are guided from childhood to become a money-making machine and rather than studying at home for sufficient time students are forced to go to different coaching institutes to score higher marks without finding out their area of interests.

    A huge section of the population is poor and they are exploited by politicians through various means. If the government hospitals and educational institutes follow their duties and obligations properly then patients and students will not think of going to private places. Since this is not happening, private hospitals and educational institutes are mushrooming everywhere. While merging may help to reduce cost and reach out to more people, the existing situation can also be improved a lot if all government departments remain accountable to their works. For this to happen, a drastic change in our mindset is required.


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    It is a good thought but for the Govt it may not be possible to implement such a thing at such a large scale.
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    I do think and believe that this is possible. Considering the population it might seem impossible, but what if it is done in phases? Our country is capable of affording the tallest statue and get deals for Bullet Train so why not implement this as well.

    If this is taken up as a project by some good visionary, definitely this can become true.

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    I don't think it's feasible to do that but what I feel the status of government hospitals and schools to be raised up to come in the level of private schools and hospitals so that people may not fear to send their kids to the government schools.

    It's not that the infrastructure of government schools or hospital is bad they too have good infrastructure but the thing is they are not maintained. Employees there don't want to work efficiently as people do in private jobs. They have a very lethargic approach to work. I very rarely see a government teacher taking the pain to teach kids in the school and when the same teacher takes tuition her/his method is liked by everyone. This is sad as they don't do justice to their job.


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